Sunday, February 24, 2013

Miss Golden Treasure Chest.

It's coming to the end of the Chinese New Year and this year i spent it fully in Macau dressed up in Gold and... GOLD! lol

The dress was extremely heavy and even lighted up, super cute right?
The problem was the amount of people who wanted to touch the coins and gold blocks on my dress. - It's a luck thing, The chinese think that touching gold would bring them luck. Parents even told their kids to give me a hug or a kiss because it would bring them good wealth and luck. One mother even told her son (looked around 6 years old) to give me hug and hopefully his future wife would be as beautiful as i was. I was so embarrassed........

Thinking about it, Lukian does mean "bringer of light" and my chinese name means "The Kings Precious". I guess i'm a pretty good person for the job during the New Year haha!

I didn't have it as bad at my friend dressed as the chinese candy box. It was so heavy i couldn't even carry her dress off the table. What made it funnier was that everyone kept trying to open up her skirt to see what's inside. Haha! She was literally drumming her dress shut.

It's the first time for me to be away from my family for the whole of the New Year but i guess it is also can be seen as a great start for the Year of the snake to be earning lots of cash haha! Bad thing is, it's Macau, basically the chinese Vegas. LOL Lucky i don't itch for gambling, otherwise i'm fucked! LOL

Friday, February 22, 2013

The CLASSIC shabu shabu.

Seryna (since 1961), recommended as a good place to entertain important clients. Being brought here today i guess it makes me feel special haha! And Seryna Ginza defiantly would not be able to disappoint anyone!
Famous for their Crab and Beef, shabu shabu and sukiyaki they were all ordered. It was Minus degrees in Tokyo today so points defiantly doubled to come here.

The house specialty, horsehair crab. As you know i do not eat shellfish but just by the looks of how fresh the crab legs were i wished i wasn't allergic. I watched my friends cook and eat the crab without hesitation with the words "OISHII" coming out repeatedly after each bite. My friend then told me "I have yet to find a place that serves such delicious crab in Tokyo." Damn. I defiantly should try it even though i'll suffer afterwards haha.

Since i couldn't eat the crab, beef was the other choice. We ordered the best beef they had, Kobe beef. It's definatly not my first exposure to kobe beef so i thought, "what's the big deal? Especially, when boiled in the shabu shabu manner." After i tried the Kobe beef here i wondered to myself, WHAT THE FUCK WAS I BEING SERVED BEFORE?!
Once cooked, i dipped it into the sauces provided and once it hit my tongue it fucking disappeared! Like butter! Just like my super fatty toro experience but, this was beef!? I mean, just look at the photo! The fragments of fat and beef are so well balanced and the colour looks beautiful! Oh god, i was over the world. I had the biggest food coma after that once slice of kobe beef, i just sat there thinking, "what the fuck just happened?!" I tried another slice, dammit! Same thing happened, i wasn't dreaming at all! I ended up ordering another round of kobe beef haha.
Seriously, if you like shabu shabu and you like beef. No other place in my dictionary anymore.

Just as i thought i was getting full a wonderful old lady dressed in Kimono came to serve and ask how we were all doing and insisted for me to try her cooking. I was in no condition to pass on that haha! Apparently she's been working in Seryna for over 30 years. She cooked some udon into our soup base with her "secret ingredient" and i must say. It was very delicious.
We were having a big Shabu feast and she asked if we still has space to try the sukiyaki. Okay, i'm a pig who doesn't know when to say no to food and since the others were also up for it too i said, ALRIGHT LETS DO IT! We already tried the fantastic Kobe beef, so she recommended us to try Tenderloin for sukiyaki and she will personally cook for us because she can do it perfectly with her secret teriyaki mixture. Secret again? Okay! "Surprise me!" I thought. Whip me off my feet! ......and she did.

I must say, if i had the choice of Kobe beef and Tenderloin back home i'd always go for Kobe beef no matter what because i'm often disappointed with Tenderloin. I realize now it's not Tenderloin's problem, because the sukiyaki tenderloin here was also very soft and extremely juicy. Back home and in Japan the beef price is similar but quality wise, i really cannot compare. The beef here wins for sure.

Overall for Seryna, Expensive? Yes. Decor? It's alright. Service? Excellent. Food? 200% Delicious and well presented. I will defiantly be back every-time i visit Japan and that's a promise. It's definaly going to take some getting used to when i get back home now that i've tried Seryna's beef.

Tokyo,Japan 106-0032

Monday, February 18, 2013

Long time no Purikura.

The thing about meeting an old friend in Japan is, it makes you somehow desperately to have that photo memory, so we headed to the nearest Purikura stop (sticker photos).
Its been years since i have taken them, especially in Japan and BOY! had it changed. I don't remember purikura being this funny. You'll see why...
So the first thing i see before going into the Purikura arcade were these signs!!

And i remember just bursting out with laughter.
Purikura Arcades now have rules!!! No man is allowed to enter the arcade without a female companion and you may not enter the arcade if you're drunk. LOL!!! They seriously exaggerate it too!!! Look at the patterned repeat of posters!
Other than that something else that's new: you can also rent cosplay costumes inside the arcade to take puripuri. Now that i found pretty cool!

And that's STILL not the end of it! Purikura machines now have a new feature: They have an auto eye enlargement effect and a Slim face effect selection!
Not knowing what to pick me and my friend just decided to go for the "Recommended" settings and BOY did we regret it...LOL

The big eye effect made me look like an animation character and was too OVER THE TOP in some of the photos. What made it funnier was that Jinki was with us and for girls, we can just say "It's over the top" or "Look like an anime character" but when these settings are done to a guy.................IT LOOKS FUCKING FREAKY AS SHIT!
Now that's when we cried from laughter looking at Jinki's eyes in every pic, It didnt look like him at all and so... feminine.... hahahaa!

So anyway, today ended with tummy aches and watery eyes from laughter. It defiantly has been a long time since i've laughed so hard and i laugh hard all the time because i'm so easily amused. Oh i miss them both already.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Birds of Gold?

Todays introduction is by my friend Jinki who kindly recommended to me and my friend Shino a Chicken Fillet joint 金のとりから (Kinnotorikara) a finger food joint that will surely take away your money, accidentally? haha.

The chicken on it's own tastes real soft and since it's freshly made right after you order it its tongue burning nice and hot! It's not dry so i was glad of that.

I tried to mix and match the selection of sauces provided, i used the bukkake mayonnaise and added some sprinkles of cheese powder on it!, their original spice! Tasted actually pretty fucking good! Haha.

Trust me! you got to try all the different sauces and take your time in finding your best combination hehe! But anyway they all taste good!

The Chicken is in a long stick shape which would be super great food to walk around and eat i would imagine. But me and Shino has already spent the day wondering around and outside was too cold so we just spent some time raiding the sauce counter and taking photos haha.

If you ever get peckish after some shopping i highly recommend you try this place out! They have many chained stores so it isn't difficult to find.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

If you like Chicken Wings...

Toriyoshi, If you're a chicken wings fan this is the place to go!
Famous and popular for its chicken specialties such as fried chicken wings and half a fried chicken.
Of course they don't just do chicken wings, their menu lists a variety of Japanese and Asian pub fare as well, including salads, yakitori and tofu.
But for this blog, just the chicken wings.

So anyway, really just came here for their famous chicken wings which were scrumptious!
It's not those big juicy wings which you'd get full after 4-5 pieces but it's those super crunchy, little meat and basically can eat 10-20 of them while having a good beer or sake.

The chicken wings comes in different spices, though theres no real difference between spicy and not spicy.
But anyway! Take it from a chicken wing lover, It's addictive!

3-18-16 Minami Aoyama,
Tokyo, Japan

If you have trouble finding it, it is right behind exit A4 of Omotesando station.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

de Joel Robuchon.

Alright so this blog was a little depressing for myself when i was uploading the photos since i'm writing about the day i went to de Joel Robuchon Tokyo right after i've had an oral surgery and i'm currently only able to eat semi-liquid foods. Anyway! I will write about that another day, so for now back to the yummy stuff.

I had dinner here the other day, and it was fantastic!! Me and my friends had the March course for lunch which included truffles, fois gras, etc. I had the fois gras risotto, and everything else was very great! I was told that if i haven't tried de Joel Robuchon in Paris then my next choice would be the one in Tokyo. Being told we were to be eating here i thought OH MY GOD, how much would i be spending? But as you can see from the menu it was rather well priced!

Daikon creamy soup served with Calland duck leg confit.

Salmon tartare.

de Joel Robuchon cold cut ham

Braised beef cheek served with shungiku coulis flavored with mustard.

Pan Fried duck liver and parmesan cheese risotto

Dark Chocolate ganache served with cocoa sherbet and bitter biscuit powder

Finally at the end of it all some good selection of smelly cheese. NOM NOM NOM!

It's set in a very casual atmosphere, but the quality of food and service is top notch. Definitely would like to go again but next time i would want to sit at the counter since it’s an open kitchen with everything centered and all the chefs cook there. You'll face the kitchen while you eat so it's very entertaining having the chefs cooking right front of you. De Joel Robuchon, I'll be back!

De Joel Robuchon
6-10-1 Roppongi
Tokyo Prefecture 106-0032

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brain Frozen Mickey!

Yes, i brought with me limited clothing. Brought what i could to keep my body warm but totally forgot about my head.
For the past day my ears and my head were going through major frost damage haha! It was so cold i wouldn't think properly so that's when i decided to get a hat.
So lately in Hong Kong i see all these people having hats with Cat ears, devil horns etc and i thought to myself, that's everywhere now and so un-original! Just as i thought that i saw this woolly BIG MICKEY EAR hat! WOOOAHH!!! In love haha.
When i got back to the hotel i decided to take some photos of my new hat hehe.

I'm defiantly a happy bee tonight hehe.