Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brain Frozen Mickey!

Yes, i brought with me limited clothing. Brought what i could to keep my body warm but totally forgot about my head.
For the past day my ears and my head were going through major frost damage haha! It was so cold i wouldn't think properly so that's when i decided to get a hat.
So lately in Hong Kong i see all these people having hats with Cat ears, devil horns etc and i thought to myself, that's everywhere now and so un-original! Just as i thought that i saw this woolly BIG MICKEY EAR hat! WOOOAHH!!! In love haha.
When i got back to the hotel i decided to take some photos of my new hat hehe.

I'm defiantly a happy bee tonight hehe.


  1. awh love it Lukian! I think you really have to have a cute face to pull something like that off. Can't imagine how cringe I'd look wearing it! :) Is it really that cold in hk meh?!

  2. When you say "back to the hotel" I'm guessing, but I figure that this is last month while you were visiting in Japan(?) bcoz it ain't that cold in HK, not at all, at plus/minus 20 odd degrees that I've been seeing on the weather channel, so I think this is during your visit, and it was very cold in Japan last month, with ice on the streets, I it figures that you would to cover your head & ears. Well, it certainly looks like it gets the job done, a good choice it was! By the way, is it me, or is it the just the way the light is hitting your hair(?) but it just seems to be lighter than it has been, it has been rich & dark for ages, nice and black, now it looks like it's fading or something! Maybe it's time for a session with a bottle of (( Shhhhhhhhhsh, you-know-what )) I doing mine again tonight, can't stand to see it fading, it drives me nuts, I having to do mine virtually every weekend for the past few years now, I'm determined to keep it deep dark brown, borderline black, that's how I grew up with it, so that's how it's gonna stay, I'd sooner shave it all off and wear a 'Wig' than let it fade away, bugger that, I'm not ready for that shit, not until I'm about a hundred and fifty thousand years old I'm not, I'm still so young at heart, got so much to do in life, so many places to be, so many people to see, so gotta keep up the image, everybody I know tells me I look 21 years younger than I am, and I wanna keep it that way for long as possible.

    Anyway, there's a little bit of ramble for ya!

    So, I hope your hair is not fading, or if it is, that you grab that bottle of you-know-what tonight and hit with that before the next weeks worth of photo's.

    Looking forwards to seeing that nice rich dark/black hair in you next round of photo's.

    Ciao ciao. . . . ☺/