Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Melting snow and a Hot dog.

I couldn't get up in time today for the traditional japanese breakfast but it's all good because just like always when i'm in Japan - I headed to Tully's for a coffee and their special hot dog! haha!

It was very cold today in Japan, it was -2 degrees and the floor was terribly wet from the melting snow. I was rather upset that i've just missed the heavy snow the day before. It's been a while since i've seen snow so even though there where only piles of snow/ice left i will still very happy and excited. hehe

I did an extreme light packing for todays trip and then was told that it was snowing crazy so i ended up packing some seriously big coats, snow boots and rain boots. - Ends up i didn't even need them! Dammit, i changed to a bigger luggage too!

Anyway, what i wanted to say is, i really missed this chilly weather. I love the cold so much and the air feels fresh! I heard it's snowing in London a lot lately too. Oh i miss home so much...

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  1. Nice that you enjoyed your time there, and some cold days do make a nice change from the usual sweaty atmosphere in HK with the air full of humidity all the time. London would have been great and good for you too, with nice crisp cold air night & morning, it does get a bit trafficky during the day, but clears up after dark, and in winter the night air is great for going out in, dressed well of course, but still it's nice and cold and you never sweat in winter in London, unless you're running all over the place, and as you know only too well, the city has virtually every nook & cranny crammed with end to end eating places, drinking places, and most of all, Coffee Bars, trendy ones at that, and ALL no smoking now, no more smoke filled bars like before. Well, lets hope you make it to London too, before the winter fades away again for another 9 months. Although, having said that, if you came now, you'd still catch the winter vibe, it's still plenty cold here, a but rainy now & then too, not much snow right now, but it could still hit some more as we go into February, it often does here, so get you're skates on Lukian, come and catch what's left of London's winter scene & night life, Camden Lock and the Market is great in winter, so much to see, so much to eat and drink now, hot food outlets all over the place, Kebabs, Felafel, a bit of everything you can get down there now, and I L♥ve the Kebabs in London, as well as the fresh hot Fish-&-Chips, Curry Houses, etc, it's what makes London what it is. Hope you make it sometime soon. Ciao ciao. . . \☺/