Monday, January 21, 2013

Nerd in Tokyo.

Just arrived back to Hong Kong so it's time to do some blogging updates for the time that i've been away.
I just missed the heavy snow so i was a little disappointed about that. All that was left when i arrived were piles of snow/ice on the sidewalk.
Tokyo is much colder compared to Hong Kong but luckily i ain't so afraid of the cold so i didn't wear half the clothing i prepared.

Just a quick vlog made on my iPhone since i didn't bring my laptop with me for this short work trip.
I will update again soon about the rest of my trip! :)


  1. Welcome back. Pity about the snow, you could've come to London, bcoz here today, all day it's been tipping snow all over creation, non stop, outside it's a piling-up big time, looks very Christmassy outside! Looking forward to some great post's. ☺/

  2. RE: Angelo

    Yes, i heard and it makes me wanna dash right over there and snow dance hehe.