Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I hate seeing my ex with someone else!

Such a funny time making this video, the white balance kept going off and i had to keep moving around til i got the colour balance i wanted. haha
So finally a new video on my AkunoTensai page which is now used for video requests.

Problem with seeing your exes and your ex happy without you and hating your ex partners new love is one of the popular emails i get so i picked this one to answer this time.

Time to time i do get the i do get that uncomfortable feeling myself - this happens mostly when i'm still single haha!!!! Makes me feel slightly upset knowing that i couldn't provide what their new love could for them. But overall when i see my Ex with someone new i often feel happy they've found someone and gives me that push that i need to find that someone too!
So to those who have ever gotten jealous or uncomfortable seeing their ex happy. Think of it as a push and you need to put your life back together and move on like they have.
Hope you guys like this new Video and there will be more to come!

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