Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Fashion Door.

Dear my fellow followers! Welcome to The Fashion Door!
A brand new store in Guang Zhao that sells various brands such as Issey Miyake, Cheap Monday, Nixon, MeeH, ablib and more!

See anything familiar yet? No, i'm not talking about the brands, i'm talking about me! Haha! remember that photoshoot i was doing at 3 in the Morning and you all were wondering what it was for? well, here it is! The cool part is they even have the making of video on a huge screen in front of the store! aww!
For a Model and Artist, seeing your work out there, you'll feel very proud. And i must say, i am very happy and proud hehe.

I must say standing in the cold at 3AM for 4 hours really pays off and i must give a thumbs up for everyone who where involved. Including the wonderful people taking care of me, running back and forth with a hot drink and a coat to make sure i didn't catch a cold!


  1. It's wonderful news, my dear, and congratulations upon achieving something important in this particular success. This could likely be a sign that the winds of fortune have turned in your direction, and even better may be on the way. Let's hope so, eh!!!

    By the way, I'm into Nixon writs watches, I've been wearing mine for a while now, and I'm sure I'l come across more items to try out in time! Funny, but you know what, I just spent weeks looking in what felt like every goddamn shoe shop in Spain, and still I can't find anything I would even touch with a barge pole, I'd pay good money for a pair, if I could find any, but I just can't, and it's so effin annoying, I mean, I'm not that fussy, am I? Well, maybe just a little, but I have to have a particular shoe, or my feet give no end of hell for it if I wear anything that they are not happy with. Oh well, I like this blog, it gives us a good insight into how ell things are currently going. Well done my dear, keep up the good work! ☺/ Ciao ciao

  2. Amazing stuff keep the good work up you inspire me.

  3. RE: Terry Masters

    Thank you for your support :)

    RE: 나니

    Thank you! Not amazing! Just climbing in progress :)

  4. Hi dear, nice shop!
    I'm not able to find the link of the website, could you please help me?
    I'm looking for the contact mail.

    Thank you,