Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Plans & ASScots.

I'm a tired kitty!
Finally finished editing my new video and uploaded it.
Now can remove that slap and take a nap, oh wait, no, i got to head to work in a bit! Whhhatt?!

You see why i made this video early now? haha
Hope you guys enjoy my new video.

Please excuse my singing, it's actually the first time i've sung in my videos - i hardly ever sing, you see why? haha I'm terrible. Oh well, i don't mind humiliating myself. haha!

So, I have decided that XoySauce would be for my personal blabber videos while AkunoTensai will continue being for your video requests and Q&As.


  1. All the best for Christmas, Lukian!

  2. Commenting on your Instagram post: "A Quick Light Lunch." Was that Prosciutto?

    what an enlightenment

    happy new year