Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turkish Hamster in Warming!

SO finally back in Hong Kong and happily after a few days of rain Hong Kong's temperature has finally dropped to around 25-27 degrees. Not cold, not hot, just warm with a slightly cooling breeze at night.
Yes, finding the right things to wear is defiantly a bum - I'm used to wearing big coats and fluffy boots during November. But hey, Global Warming eh?

Anyway once again i find myself going to my favorite Cuisine on Knutsford Terrence that serves yummy Turkish delights(i didn't mean the sweet). Every time i go i just order shit loads of side dishes while drinking with my friends. I have never tried the main dishes and i don't think i ever will have the chance to because the sides are just too yummy. The Cheese & Spinach pastry and the Lamb is sooooo soft! The Shisha isn't great and the cocktails arn't perfect but hey it's good enough to put a big smile on my face every time i come here - Even before they've given me the menu. Can't you see my hamster cheeks??? Oh and, the cheeks run in my family. Every Wanger has them. Don't believe me? Go visit my sister's blog - You'll see what i mean LOL.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bye Bye Sanya

OKay this is the final post on Sanya.
I am pretty sure you guys are sick of me talking about Sanya by now.

So i took this photo while i was waiting for the Limo back to the airport.
This trip did me a lot of good.

Bye Bye Sanya and back to my busy life in Hong Kong. :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thinking is not audible.

Dreams don't last forever and a Resort is a Resort. Today i woke up ever so early for a swim and ordered a nice room serviced Lunch while listening to the sounds of natures breeze and birds singing, running lake. Once back in Hong Kong, all i'll be hearing are the rush hour traffic, sounds of air-conditioning, peoples footsteps, mobiles ringing and constant chatter. Sometimes i wonder if people can even hear themselves think?

There's always a question asked, "Can deaf people hear themselves think?" - I laugh every-time i read this. Thinking is not audible, but you can get distracted from thinking. Living in Hong Kong, this is an issue, that's why so many of us choose to destroy our hearing by turning our music and songs to the fullest and letting the music think for us, talk for us and feel for us.

I agree on the Quote "No music, No Life" but i do also think we need to remember that we all have our very own inner tune and can create our own lyrics.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Old-Fuji's Surprise!

So before falling in love with my GF1 was my G12 and before that was my Fujifilm F100. I think i used this camera for around 3-4 years before it one day started to give me the feeling it was getting old. WHat i mean by getting old is not that i was bored of it. But the fact that it started to die down in speed and would start forgetting what each button does - basically, it was dying...
The F100 was one of the camera's which i've never been happier with. I had so much fun with this camera! When the F200 came out i did check it out, but it still doesn't compare (just like how the GF2&3 doesn't compare with the original GF1) So i gave that up and carried on using my F100. Anyway, i decided to put my F100 into retirement. Every time i go traveling though, i bring it with me even though it has trouble even turning on - don't ask why, i think it was having that HOPE that it may just work again.

Another sunny day in Sanya and i was taking photos with my GF1, after a couple minutes of shooting i realized the battery was running low - some loser (me) forgot to bring the charger LOL. So i went into the dressing room and started searching, hoping that i had a spare battery - i saw my F100. I decided to TRY turning it on like i always do in any travel and......OMFG!!!! it turned on!!!!!!! I was like WTF!? FTW!? And it was working perfectly!!!! I quickly took a few shots of random clothes etc. It saved, and it was pretty! Next thing i did was of course take a photo of MYSELF! HAHA!! It's been too long my old friend...♥♥♥

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Beautiful Elephant?

Check! I've actually left my villa during night for the first time. Decided to have dinner at the Resort's restaurant instead. One other thing, WE FINALLY SAW A FEW PEOPLE! Haha, i guess during dinner many people like to leave their rooms. It's good to know we are not the only ones staying during this quiet season haha - EVen though I quite like that idea though.

And finally some photos of my villa at night.

What happens next? Of course time for skinny dip!!! - That's what my friends thought but i decided to stay indoors. Insects and bugs come out at night D: i dont wanna look like the elephant man going back to Hong Kong! >.<;;

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I don't like Blow Jobs. Do i have to??

Hurray! Another video! Truth is there was another video i made before this one but i decided to trash it. I guess having higher expectations for myself is a good thing, but at the same time its the first time i've ever trashed a video after i've made it!! D:

Sanya is great but one bad thing is that the other night when i had the in villa Barbecue i left the garden doors open so a lot of mosquitos slipped into my room. I ended up getting several mosquito bites - it's funny because the ones below my neck is shaped like a sword. It looks more like i've been whipped or strangled lol!

Anyway, hope you like this video :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick Or Treat?

Hope you all had a great Halloween!
I've been very boring this year. I didn't prepare myself a Halloween Costume - FOR ONCE!
For once i decided not to dress up for Halloween. There's been countless amount of people asking me whether i will dress up or Who am i going to be. Somehow, this year i wasn't bothered at all! One excuse is because of work, so i didn't really get the chance to think properly or prepare, but the biggest reason of all. - I just didn't feel like it.
I remember my mother called during the afternoon EXPECTING me to be putting on make up and a strange outfit. I was like, "Nope" and she was speechless.

For Halloween, I'ved decided to be Myself. Just going out and have drinks with my friends while discussing how to PK some jerk in my game while spending a lot of money on mystery pet eggs.TRICK! I ended up spending US$40 on 10 eggs, but no Pet. That's how bad my luck is...

Anyway, before the drinks of course i did also go out earlier in the evening. I played Pool for the first time in 4 years and realized, even though it's 'Pool', it's not like swimming. (Once you learn to swim you'll never forget it.) I forgot how to play Pool and i fail at getting any ball into any hole. My friends then decided to teach me how to play darts - it was worse. I ended up breaking two out of my three darts. My end score was 431/501....

TRICK! Maybe women are just not meant to be good at aiming or scoring.

We then decided to watch a Scary Movie and get into the Halloween spirit. TREAT! So happens everyone gets a free popcorn and drink! YAY! We watched "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark". We all thought we were watching a Ghost movie, TRICK! ends up being about little fugly gollum monsters that basically looked like wrinkly mice.

So then after getting bombarded by my friends how i TRICK!ed them into watching a shitty movie i ended up buying them drinks. TREAT! The wonderful people at the bar gave me free devil ears.