Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thinking is not audible.

Dreams don't last forever and a Resort is a Resort. Today i woke up ever so early for a swim and ordered a nice room serviced Lunch while listening to the sounds of natures breeze and birds singing, running lake. Once back in Hong Kong, all i'll be hearing are the rush hour traffic, sounds of air-conditioning, peoples footsteps, mobiles ringing and constant chatter. Sometimes i wonder if people can even hear themselves think?

There's always a question asked, "Can deaf people hear themselves think?" - I laugh every-time i read this. Thinking is not audible, but you can get distracted from thinking. Living in Hong Kong, this is an issue, that's why so many of us choose to destroy our hearing by turning our music and songs to the fullest and letting the music think for us, talk for us and feel for us.

I agree on the Quote "No music, No Life" but i do also think we need to remember that we all have our very own inner tune and can create our own lyrics.

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  1. Good music has always kind of inspired me to get into action, pump me up. Lately, I see people in the gym with their music playing into their ears from their iPods. They want to ignore the other people around them and do their own thing, distract them and focus them. I just listen the weight sliding onto the bars, the clanging of the metal, my breathing, my friends breathing, my heart pounding. I create my own inner tune.