Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turkish Hamster in Warming!

SO finally back in Hong Kong and happily after a few days of rain Hong Kong's temperature has finally dropped to around 25-27 degrees. Not cold, not hot, just warm with a slightly cooling breeze at night.
Yes, finding the right things to wear is defiantly a bum - I'm used to wearing big coats and fluffy boots during November. But hey, Global Warming eh?

Anyway once again i find myself going to my favorite Cuisine on Knutsford Terrence that serves yummy Turkish delights(i didn't mean the sweet). Every time i go i just order shit loads of side dishes while drinking with my friends. I have never tried the main dishes and i don't think i ever will have the chance to because the sides are just too yummy. The Cheese & Spinach pastry and the Lamb is sooooo soft! The Shisha isn't great and the cocktails arn't perfect but hey it's good enough to put a big smile on my face every time i come here - Even before they've given me the menu. Can't you see my hamster cheeks??? Oh and, the cheeks run in my family. Every Wanger has them. Don't believe me? Go visit my sister's blog - You'll see what i mean LOL.


  1. You're hilarious! I can't stop laughing out loud. Just kidding - love your blog by the way.

  2. Haha, you're so cute I can't even! I love side dishes! : D

  3. You should come back to Twitter. :) Your sister misses you!

  4. Cheeks are perfect. And your shoulders, elbows, wrists, knuckles, chin, lips, nose, eyes, eyelashes, hair, neck, chest, and waist. <3 Elbows off the table deary.