Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Melting snow and a Hot dog.

I couldn't get up in time today for the traditional japanese breakfast but it's all good because just like always when i'm in Japan - I headed to Tully's for a coffee and their special hot dog! haha!

It was very cold today in Japan, it was -2 degrees and the floor was terribly wet from the melting snow. I was rather upset that i've just missed the heavy snow the day before. It's been a while since i've seen snow so even though there where only piles of snow/ice left i will still very happy and excited. hehe

I did an extreme light packing for todays trip and then was told that it was snowing crazy so i ended up packing some seriously big coats, snow boots and rain boots. - Ends up i didn't even need them! Dammit, i changed to a bigger luggage too!

Anyway, what i wanted to say is, i really missed this chilly weather. I love the cold so much and the air feels fresh! I heard it's snowing in London a lot lately too. Oh i miss home so much...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

24 Hour Sushi craving.

By the time i arrived in Tokyo and got to The Grand Hyatt it was time for dinner. My original dinner plans were cancelled so i decided to go out to Sushi Zanmai, my favourite sushi joint which was only a 10 minute walk from my hotel. Best part is it's 24 hours! I remember once waking up in the middle of the night and heading there for some fatty toro. haha! I mean, it's great! Look at how that fatty toro is just melting off my sushi!

The thing is, i cannot eat many types of seafood even though i LOVE seafood. Sad eh? it's because i have an allergy of shellfish so i mostly stick with fish. - Even though i fucking love shrimp and crab etc. I often sneak a bite or two and suffer the consequences. BUT IT WOULD BE WORTH IT! haha.

The sushi here is fresh and cheap. The selection is good, but heavy on blue-fish types. I like the tuna selections best eating from the normal tuna to the most fatty. Defiantly worth a try when you go Tokyo. Oh and, the menu has english! Which is a bonus for those who don't speak or read any japanese. All the friend's i've taken to this place has loved it!

For those who don't see the hype about tuna back home would finally understand after eating the ones in here. The NORMAL tuna already melts in your mouth so imagine what the most fatty one does. It disappears! Like i'm eating butter. haha!

Sushi Zanmai Sushi Restaurant
3-10-9 Roppongi
Phone: (03) 5772 1005

Monday, January 21, 2013

Nerd in Tokyo.

Just arrived back to Hong Kong so it's time to do some blogging updates for the time that i've been away.
I just missed the heavy snow so i was a little disappointed about that. All that was left when i arrived were piles of snow/ice on the sidewalk.
Tokyo is much colder compared to Hong Kong but luckily i ain't so afraid of the cold so i didn't wear half the clothing i prepared.

Just a quick vlog made on my iPhone since i didn't bring my laptop with me for this short work trip.
I will update again soon about the rest of my trip! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I hate seeing my ex with someone else!

Such a funny time making this video, the white balance kept going off and i had to keep moving around til i got the colour balance i wanted. haha
So finally a new video on my AkunoTensai page which is now used for video requests.

Problem with seeing your exes and your ex happy without you and hating your ex partners new love is one of the popular emails i get so i picked this one to answer this time.

Time to time i do get the i do get that uncomfortable feeling myself - this happens mostly when i'm still single haha!!!! Makes me feel slightly upset knowing that i couldn't provide what their new love could for them. But overall when i see my Ex with someone new i often feel happy they've found someone and gives me that push that i need to find that someone too!
So to those who have ever gotten jealous or uncomfortable seeing their ex happy. Think of it as a push and you need to put your life back together and move on like they have.
Hope you guys like this new Video and there will be more to come!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Fashion Door.

Dear my fellow followers! Welcome to The Fashion Door!
A brand new store in Guang Zhao that sells various brands such as Issey Miyake, Cheap Monday, Nixon, MeeH, ablib and more!

See anything familiar yet? No, i'm not talking about the brands, i'm talking about me! Haha! remember that photoshoot i was doing at 3 in the Morning and you all were wondering what it was for? well, here it is! The cool part is they even have the making of video on a huge screen in front of the store! aww!
For a Model and Artist, seeing your work out there, you'll feel very proud. And i must say, i am very happy and proud hehe.

I must say standing in the cold at 3AM for 4 hours really pays off and i must give a thumbs up for everyone who where involved. Including the wonderful people taking care of me, running back and forth with a hot drink and a coat to make sure i didn't catch a cold!