Thursday, May 26, 2011


Oh my fucking god. FTW! It's been over 2 years since i have seen a flying ant. I've only ever seen them back in London. I used to see them every summer! I never knew they existed in Hong Kong as well.

Though it may not be so clear in this video capture, i am actually running for my life.

The story behind this picture?
Well, i bought a very cheap wig for fun a few days ago and i decided to play around with it once i got home. That was around 5pm and the sun was still shining brightly. Living in the "Eastern Stream" there is no need of aircon yet because there isn't much pollution and the air around here is great, all i have to do is keep the balcony doors open.
Time flew by and it started to get dark, me and my friend where messing about playing with our new wigs till i decided to go out to the kitchen to grab some drinks when…

OMFG! There where a bunch of flying ants clubbing next to the Lamp!
Just looking at them just made me itchy. When will I stop itching?!! amg!
I was screaming and my friend dashed out, she started laughing her ass off and said she wanted to film it. WTF?! No filming! just help me get rid of them!
I used the vacuum. LMAO…

I am aware that many people have never seen flying ants before and some never even knew they existed.
But let me tell you something...

There are flying ants everywhere! Annoying little fucks. The humidity and climatic conditions generally have set off all the black ants in their nuptial flights.
Its certainly Flying Ants Day here in the Eastern Stream of Hong Kong.
Anywhere else?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Lost in Time.

Flying around too much has really messed up my sleeping patterns.
I have been trying to fix my timing for the past week and i think it's just getting worse.
For Example, I have been sleeping around 5AM and waking up at 3PM. - Which is really not good. So then i tried to sleep at 9PM and wake up before 10AM. I set the alarm at "PM" by mistake and i ended up waking up at 4PM. Great…
I feel like sleeping beauty, i don't know when to wake up. Normally people would wake up automatically after roughly 8 hours of sleep. But i just can't seem to…

Until one day it was worse because i couldn't sleep. I rolled around in bed watching the clock strike every hour. It was rather heartbreaking. I didn't want to stress myself and get pissed at the fact that i can't sleep and force myself to because i know that's just going to make it worse. So, by the time it reached 5AM, i said to myself, "FTW! I'M GOING TO JUST GET UP!" So i got out of bed and decided to go for a Breakfast Buffet downstairs. LMAO, i was like the earliest bitch in the hotel.

I must say though, i had the best breakfast buffet in Hong Kong. I should wake up earlier more often for this. hehe!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good-Bye California!

Sniff, i don't want to go home yet!
But don't worry, i'll be back VERY soon. hehe.

So the 14 hour flight back to Hong Kong once again. They didn't change the movie selection since the flight i got to LA. So everything was the same. Which makes it worse because i've already seen what i needed to watch on the first flight.

I just ended up playing a lot of games on my Ipad and watched Black Swan. I kind of wasn't expecting all that nudity and sex scenes. I just hope the chinese passengers behind me didn't think i was watching porn on the plane. haha.

Arriving to Hong Kong. Oh boy, i miss all the coloured "tiles" lmao, now we just have hills and pollution. lol, just kidding. Hong Kong is pretty.

Well, I'm back!
COme to think of it, i can't believe i did so much in 2 days.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cache Creek.

Yawn~I am absolutely nakkerd. It feels so good to be lying in a bed.
Another shitty picture from my iphone.
So this was my last few hours in California. I rested at Cache Creek Resort.

So when i just arrived to Cache Creek, Johnson was telling me how i have my own swimming pool in my room. So i was like WAAAHHH?! Are you frigging serious!? I ran up to my suite.

The suite was bigger than the one in Pechanga. I had a hufe living room and 2 bathrooms! How can i possibly make the best of both before i leave? LOL. Anyway i saw the bed and i just jumped onto it. I'm mazed i didn't just pass out on it. But wait! Theres one thing i got to see, Where is my swimming pool?! got to be kidding me. This is Johnson's idea of a "swimming pool"?? Dude the deepest area would only go just past my knees WTH? and the size! This isn't a swimming pool. It's a puddle for you to play around with your feet. lol! Way to go in betting my hopes up high.

But hey! it wasn't all bad, i had around 5 hours until i had to set off to the airport. Since i'm not someone who sleeps on planes, i'm going to do as much sleeping and resting as i can before i get on that journey back to Hong Kong. So i stripped myself and jumped into the Jacuzzi. Then right after, took a nice nap in a bathrobe...

Yawn~ wake me up when it's time to go..... snore...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello and Goodbye San Francisco!

Okay, waking up at 6AM after sleeping at around 3.30AM was a bitch, but i was smart enough to pack everything before i slept. (Wasn't much anyway lol but you know what i mean.)
I got down to the lobby by 6.30AM and we were ready to go once the Limo arrived. YAY the classic black limo to the Airport!!! Thank you Pechanga muahahaha~ Ooops, I only took one picture on the Limo and i had to flash my knickers. FAIL! I'll cover it up with a pervert dog.

There, that's better lol.
Okay, i was super spoilt and had my breakfast on the Limo. Blueberry Pancakes!!

To be honest i don't eat sweet things in the morning and Johnson was too sleepy for his breakfast so i stole his hash browns while he was sleeping in the Limo. yeeheehee..

Once arrived at the Airport the check in was quick but the scanning part was a bitch. I had to take out my Ipad2 into a separate tray because it was a computer device. Then scanning was fine but as i started to pack up my bags, some shit head staff grabbed onto my ipad and started to look at it and showing the other staff. She then handed it back to me and said "Very nice." I was like frozen. WTF?! And i thought there was a problem! If you wanted to look at my ipad for "non-work reasons" Be nice and ask?
I dont even want to speak anymore about this, moving on now.

Welcome to Sacramento! Yay i don't know where i am but still! YAY!!
Okay after arrival, the others were heading to Cache Creek. But i'm not going with them. Why? Because i had other plans. The main purpose of my trip was to go San Francisco!

I hired a driver to take me to San Francisco and back when i'm done. Why am i going to San Francisco? To meet my girlfriend Julia Olson!!!!!!! Those who have been supporting me on Youtube since the very beginning will know who she is. I had loads of videos with me and her. She's my partner. I'll go into more detail next time about her but all you need to know this time is that i really missed her and i flew thousands of miles just to say hi to her. I think that's the most romantic thing i've ever done.

The trip to San Francisco was about 2 hours. It was very gloomy and rather cloudy. But somehow the closer i was to San Francisco the skies were clearing out.

Just look how blue the sky got! It was like my mood. As i was getting closer to Julia i was feeling so excited and happy.

To end this blog here is a picture of me and Julia and the huge Totoro i bought for her. It's a terrible photo of me but hey, her smile in this picture is priceless. I had only an hour with her since i had to hurry back to Sacramento. We talked and laughed just like the old days.

On my way back to Sacramento i felt rather blue but at the same time very happy that i saw her again. Just it was for too short. I've just been so busy to take time off to see her. Hopefully i can organize something and bring her to HK for her spine injury since she's not very happy with the progress in San Francisco.

Anyway! Let's not think about unhappy things! I miss her already!!!
I love you Julia!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pechanga Resort & Casino!

Okay, so it wasn't really much of a road trip. It took about 3 hours drive, but still! Look how tired i look man! Lack of expression, just dead....I just woke up in the car! Gimme a break, no pretty faces yet. haha!

So after arriving in Pechanga Resort i checked into my room right away.
It was a suite! yay!!! How nice of them! I took many photos of the suite but them i thought, hold it! Why post a shit load of pictures when i can just post the video! So i looked online and found the video.

Purrrdy room. OKay so after getting comfy me and the guys went down to the concert backstage to say hi to our friend. He was too busy rehearsing so me and Sean decided to raid his restroom.
We played with the coffee machine, we used his washroom and then Sean started to roast my accent so i kicked him in the ass.

I don't know if Sean wants to get public so just incase i'm going to use an animated dog to show what his expression was. nyehehh~

OKay, we didn't just mess around. Of course we did need to help Johnson out with his show.
So Johnson brought this brand new pair of Shoes for the concert. And like many shoes, cheap or expensive they may have a huge issue. When a shoe is too new they may scratch the back of the foot above the heel. Now that i know is hella painful!

So what did we do? Brothers! let's work our shit!

We decided to wear down the material by stepping on the back of the shoe.
LOL! This seriously looks funny...Of course, we also got him some bandages….

After a Successful Concert that night, me, Sean and Mikey took off to buy some food for a mid-night party. We spent over US$100 on junk food. Now get ready for the list, i don't remember the exact but it was roughly this…

12 Soft Tacos
12 Hard Tacos
4 Burritos
4 Quesadillas
1 Order of Nachos
3 In-n-out Burgers
2 Large Fries
2 Chilli cheese fries
4 Churros

And that concludes our day... I went to sleep as a fat bitch.
It's 3AM and i have to be at the lobby by 6.30AM to catch my flight.
Where am i going next? It's the never ending Journey! hehe

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Road Trip and Fish!

I'm driving!
Just kidding! I don't know my way around LA. Let's just leave it to the men, i rather sleep in the car haha!

During the drive we made a quick stop and Sean's office. He needed to grab something so me and the others just hung around outside with his fish. Fish food anyone?

Nom nom nom... That's one UGLY face dude.

So! Back on the road.
By the time i woke up we have reaches these wonderful rocky hills.
They looked beautiful so i took a few photos, until i realized something...
This is hella dangerous!!! Do they get rock slides? Seriously wouldn't want to be driving through here on a windy day...

Almost there! yay!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Maintenance FAIL! Woof Morning!

Okay so before i get to the original blog topic.
For the past 2 days Blogspot as been in Maintenance. Not only this but we were also informed that any of the blogs we posted for the past 2 days will be removed.
I was like FTW!? No way!!! I hope they were considerate enough to safe the blog posts and comments.

So i sent a message to Blogspot asking about this, because you know i write a lot and theres no way i can redo all that typing!
I then got a rather "rude" reply saying:

"Did you not see the big Pink Announcement at the Top of the Page?….."

Well Sorry! oh my, that was very nice. So i decided to be the bigger man and just click onto the link it gave me, which told me that all my blogs and comments will be restored after the maintenance. Hurray!!

But no, Blogger DID NOT restore the 2 blogs i posted. They restored 1 of them but removed all the comments i received on it and the other one i now have to RE-type and re-post right now.

Thanks a lot Blogger. I can't believe i left Xanga for this.
Anyway! Forgive and forget, i must move on with my life.
So here the blog they did not restore. Enjoy :)

Please bare with me, i am trying to remember what i wrote on this blog.
So being in LA at my friend's place is great because the weather is good! The food is good! Because of my strange Jet-lag i ended up waking up at 5am. I decided to go downstairs and wake the dogs. hahaa!

Apparently my friends are such great fans of mine they even named their dog after me. lol Just kidding! but it so happens that this lovely Cockapoo (half Cocker Spaniel and Half poodle) is called Bo Bo too. hehe

Of course there was also Fei Fei who is also a Cockapoo and Kiki. Last time i was here Kiki was all over the place HYPER! Like humans, they will grow up and become more mature. Kiki is more lovable now. He's wonderful.

Finally the time came to go onto a road trip to my next destination. Mind the hair, i just blow-dried it so it's awfully fluffy.

Woohoo! Road trip!!! I wonder how long the drive is...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Arrival at Los Angeles.

Finally! I have arrived in Los Angeles California!
After a long flight i had a long sleep.
Location Drop by No.1 - Los Angeles with Sean and Angel.
I stayed at their place last time i came Los Angeles, those who read my blog a year ago on Xanga would know. hehe.
Since the day of my arrival i didn't do much due to my lack of sleep. I will write about The Arrival.

For those living in California, this is what your land looks like from above. *Spoiler for those who never visited. haha
Does it remind you of anything? It looks like floor tiles! I'm serious! Google up "floor tiles" and click images. Do it! Right now!
How the hell can one place be so organized in it's land proportions?! haha!
What's up with all the squares? People never thought about deviding their land up with circles? haha! just kidding. But seriously, very cool!

After this wonderful welcome view of Los Angeles, you would never expect the HELL that was going to be coming to you next.
Checking out of the Airport...many would know what i'm talking about.

I am already considered lucky to be traveling with a British passport. Those holding passports from Countries that don't speak English are probably shitting their Pants off. The truth is, there's nothing to be afraid of! But of course America seems to not trust foreigners very much, you might as well just not welcome any Tourists. "Anyone without an American passport can not enter our Land" Woohoo! Solved. But no, they welcome us but give us a load of shit first.

Every place has their Pros and Cons. I love American Food! I love their Movies! I love the weather! But hell the employees at LAX are just plain RUDE, nasty and condesending. Out of the 10 staff i meet, 8 of them look like the whole world owed them money. I swear! Smile! The "Federal Inspection" was the worst!

They had 3 queues saying Visitors so i wasn't sure if they were all the same. Just to make sure were i should be i decided to ask a lady staff who was walking around not doing much. I was calling out "Excuse me? Hello? Excuse me?" Literally chasing up behind her to being in front of her. She looked at me for a moment after hearing me with this blank face. Not even asking "How may i help you?" or "What is it you need?" or "yes?" she just stood there like she saw a ghost. I asked her "Hello, i'm holding a british passport, which line should i be in?" Guess what she replied me.. NOTHING! She just turned around, pointed, then left... Thank you?

Anyway I just decided to hop into any of the visitor queues. I was waiting for 2 hours in a Short Que. I'm serious! It's not a queue i would think "Shit, i'm going to be here forever" it was a queue that made me think "Ahh, it's not that bad." But WTH!? I was there for 2 hours! They had like 4 Counters for each Line, they only had 1 person working, leaving the 3 other counters empty with a long queue. AMG~

The guy that was Serving my line looked as if he hated his job. I was thinking, "Ah, shit, hes going to give me hell."
So it was my turn. I walked up and the guy didn't even say Hello and took in my passport. Not even a smile, damn. Then the questions came.

"Where you flying alone?" Nope, i have a couple of friends with me.
"Where did you fly from?" Hong Kong.
"What's the Purpose for this visit?" I'm here to visit a couple of friends.
"How'd you meet them?" Friend's friend?
"What do you do for a living?" I'm a Model.
"What Model?" .....A Model.
"What Model?" ......Sorry, maybe i don't know how to say Model in American...MO-DEL?
"........" .....A MODEL, is a person who is employed for displaying and promoting clothing or products or other advertising or promotional purposes or who poses for wor...
(cuts in) "Ok."
"...." ..............
Then he starts to Stamp my passport and hands it back to me.
"Are you wearing a Bathrobe?" No, this is called Fashion.

And i walk off. What the hell? "What Model?" Are there many occupations called Model? He's either mocking me or he's just pure stupid or run out of questions to ask me.

Just as i thought the worst was over, after grabbing my Luggage i see a even longer queue trying to get out with the luggages! Lord help me....

After finally getting out of the airport. I was so happy to breathe fresh air! It's like i've just been released from Jail.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

14 hours...

Economy Class isn't really a problem for me.
I wasn't brought up rich and spoilt so since birth i often only travelled in Economy like a normal person. - Even after i started earning my own money i'd only buy Economy.
The thought i've always had was "It's only going to be a couple hours, live with it!" And since i can never sleep on planes it's just going to movies and food for me lol.
The longest flight i have ever enchanted was from LA to Hong Kong. 16 hours!!!
Okay, so i often try to mark my seat in the front area where all the babies are. I'm not going to be sleeping so the babies don't really bother me if they cry. Mostly is because of the extra foot space.
My body is in 80/20 proportion so even though i'm not EXTRA tall my legs are as long as someone being around 175.
Second thing is i try my best to get the aisle. - Once again since i won't be sleeping i want an easy access to the washroom.

I got none of that this time.

And it was going to be a 14 hour flight! Holy Shit! Full Flight!
I couldn't even get the seat i marked like 2 days before the flight Holaaaa
This was when i was begging for an upgrade lol.
The Air-hostess was like, "I'm sorry, business class and first class is full too..."
That's great….

Ahh well, I'll survive, but i'll just get off this flight having a bigger fright of flight haha!

I got the window seat. At this point i thought nothing could be worse, at least i'm not right in the center of the middle rows lmao. At least i'd still have a view… My television wasn't working! This was when i started to panic. 14 hour flight? No sleep, no foot-space, no toilet and no entertainment? - Faints…
Luckily i went with a friend and she was a snorer and offered me her seat. So BAM i'm smack in the middle between 2 people. Hey! at least i'll have my entertainment and i'll be a seat closer to the loo.
Just as i start to do the happy dance in my seat i notice a very tall and big man is sitting next to me. I don't have any issues with big men, the problem i had was that this man had huuuuuge B-O.
My friend was like, "I feel sorry for you, Entertainment or BO?" I was thinking, Hey! I'll be fine, people can get used to pigs vomit if they hang around it long enough. Oh trust me, i did get passed the smell, after the first 3 hours i noticed that there was No BO, either he just stopped producing it - which i highly doubt, or I've just gotten used to it. I guess so…

Anyway, the Entertainment this trip was very bad. They didn't have enough Comedy or Action movies. Strangely a huge amount of movies in the 70s and old black and white movies. Lord help me.
I decided to rematch a whole season of The Simpsons. I noticed the guy next to me watching The Green Hornet and he was laughing his ass off. Hold on a minute! A movie with Jay Chou who can't act while speaking shitty English in an action movie? Are you serious? but then again i never actually seen it. I only know from the reviews…When he finished the movie i asked him "Is Green Hornet good?" and he replied. "Yeh, its great." POINT! "Great" not even Good but Great!? So i gave it my attempt. Trust me, the only thing i laughed at was Jay Chou's lifeless English. You could understand what he was saying, but you clearly knew, he didn't know what the fuck he was saying. haha!

Okok, i'll stop dissing him.

So i watched a whole season of The Simpsons and Fmaily Guy, Green Hornet, An Education (omg it's a great movie), Emperors New Groove, Dinosaurs (as you can tell the ENT was really running out of good movies), Fantasia (yes, i watched Fantasia on a plane ride lol…) and i attempted All's Well, Ends Well 2011, Ended up shutting it off after 20 minutes, what the hell has happened to Hong Kong movies man… daaayyyumn…

Time needs to move faster!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flying out for the Weekend!

Guess where i am heading to?
Another trip out of Hong Kong. Finally!
But it's just going to be a short trip for a weekend to visit some friends and to breathe a different air.
Those who know me well would know that i don't like staying in one place for too long.

So, i'm actually rather afraid of flying. When a person gets older they will realize that they will start to gain fears they never did before. I never used to be afraid of flying.

It's very strange because, I've always been afraid of heights and now i am scared of flying, yet i still really enjoy the birds-eye-view. Hmm , this situation is very confusing. haha.

Anyway, i was able to snap a picture of the take off from Hong Kong.
The clouds are so kawaii! Like bumps of Candy Floss. hehe
The weather is great right now in Hong Kong but where i'm going... it's even better!
Unfortunately, it's going to be a 14 hour flight...

PS. The pictures are slightly low quality because i took those on my phone.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gay Pig's Gang Bang!

So my Uncle returned to Hong Kong with my Cousins after visiting a zoo somewhere in the mainlands.
They were very excited about something and told me to scroll through their pictures on the camera.
So this was what all the excitement was about!
Trust me, it amused me very much.

They saw a male Pig making love to another male pig!
Woohoo! And wow! It's the first time i've seen a pig's penis. LOL
Kind of nasty...It's like, crooked and....thin. LMAO
Well wait! it gets better!!

Now this is what i call MMOGP! - Massive, Muilti-Orgy of Gay Pigs.
3 combo right there! THANK YOU! CUM AGAIN! LOL

I was kind of upset that they didn't take a video of it. I would so upload it onto my youtube. haha!

Monday, May 2, 2011

It's Spring!!

Summer in Hong Kong is just way to hot to wear hats even if it's a cap or just anything on your head because it's just going to steam up and end up soggy and nasty!

So spring is the best time to wear those Summer hats and i love hats! - Maybe because i don't have to style my hair too much when i wear them. hehe, i know, i'm lazy errhem, messy hair in this photo.

For those who spotted it, I know there's a crystal missing from my sunglasses.
I've never worn them out before, just for this picture hehe.

Okay so a couple blogs ago i complained about the weather, now i must say the weather is just right. It's warm but not humid.
This is a picture of the view from my bedroom, i wake up to this everyday hehe.