Friday, May 13, 2011

Maintenance FAIL! Woof Morning!

Okay so before i get to the original blog topic.
For the past 2 days Blogspot as been in Maintenance. Not only this but we were also informed that any of the blogs we posted for the past 2 days will be removed.
I was like FTW!? No way!!! I hope they were considerate enough to safe the blog posts and comments.

So i sent a message to Blogspot asking about this, because you know i write a lot and theres no way i can redo all that typing!
I then got a rather "rude" reply saying:

"Did you not see the big Pink Announcement at the Top of the Page?….."

Well Sorry! oh my, that was very nice. So i decided to be the bigger man and just click onto the link it gave me, which told me that all my blogs and comments will be restored after the maintenance. Hurray!!

But no, Blogger DID NOT restore the 2 blogs i posted. They restored 1 of them but removed all the comments i received on it and the other one i now have to RE-type and re-post right now.

Thanks a lot Blogger. I can't believe i left Xanga for this.
Anyway! Forgive and forget, i must move on with my life.
So here the blog they did not restore. Enjoy :)

Please bare with me, i am trying to remember what i wrote on this blog.
So being in LA at my friend's place is great because the weather is good! The food is good! Because of my strange Jet-lag i ended up waking up at 5am. I decided to go downstairs and wake the dogs. hahaa!

Apparently my friends are such great fans of mine they even named their dog after me. lol Just kidding! but it so happens that this lovely Cockapoo (half Cocker Spaniel and Half poodle) is called Bo Bo too. hehe

Of course there was also Fei Fei who is also a Cockapoo and Kiki. Last time i was here Kiki was all over the place HYPER! Like humans, they will grow up and become more mature. Kiki is more lovable now. He's wonderful.

Finally the time came to go onto a road trip to my next destination. Mind the hair, i just blow-dried it so it's awfully fluffy.

Woohoo! Road trip!!! I wonder how long the drive is...


  1. Excellent, good blog; have fun and nice road trip!
    ...☺/ Ciao

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