Monday, May 2, 2011

It's Spring!!

Summer in Hong Kong is just way to hot to wear hats even if it's a cap or just anything on your head because it's just going to steam up and end up soggy and nasty!

So spring is the best time to wear those Summer hats and i love hats! - Maybe because i don't have to style my hair too much when i wear them. hehe, i know, i'm lazy errhem, messy hair in this photo.

For those who spotted it, I know there's a crystal missing from my sunglasses.
I've never worn them out before, just for this picture hehe.

Okay so a couple blogs ago i complained about the weather, now i must say the weather is just right. It's warm but not humid.
This is a picture of the view from my bedroom, i wake up to this everyday hehe.


  1. yesss! I'll be flying out to HK in 2 weeks and I'm hoping the weather will be nice (warm and not humid at all)! :)

  2. hahaha im off to hk in two weeks as well, by the way the view is gorgeous !!!

  3. Such a nice view! I don't get this from G/F.. = =

    It's so hot right now - but i am leaving to spain in a few days. It is way colder there.. I was always thinking it has the hottest weather.. but no Hong Kong is way hotter during the year.


  4. It's been Spring, Summer is right around the corner now.

    Nice view, sure.

  5. Wow! so many people coming to Hong Kong for the Summer! Get ready for the awfully hot weather! xD

  6. wow! I would like to have this view like yours from my bedroom, very nice. I would spend a good time looking across my window.

  7. It's been 30/31/32 degrees all this week, along with the legendary humidity of Hong Kong..\O/
    I can't wait for Winter again, I love winter!!!