Friday, May 20, 2011

Lost in Time.

Flying around too much has really messed up my sleeping patterns.
I have been trying to fix my timing for the past week and i think it's just getting worse.
For Example, I have been sleeping around 5AM and waking up at 3PM. - Which is really not good. So then i tried to sleep at 9PM and wake up before 10AM. I set the alarm at "PM" by mistake and i ended up waking up at 4PM. Great…
I feel like sleeping beauty, i don't know when to wake up. Normally people would wake up automatically after roughly 8 hours of sleep. But i just can't seem to…

Until one day it was worse because i couldn't sleep. I rolled around in bed watching the clock strike every hour. It was rather heartbreaking. I didn't want to stress myself and get pissed at the fact that i can't sleep and force myself to because i know that's just going to make it worse. So, by the time it reached 5AM, i said to myself, "FTW! I'M GOING TO JUST GET UP!" So i got out of bed and decided to go for a Breakfast Buffet downstairs. LMAO, i was like the earliest bitch in the hotel.

I must say though, i had the best breakfast buffet in Hong Kong. I should wake up earlier more often for this. hehe!


  1. I've been there. Whenever i go to HK, I always wake up at 5am. That means going downstairs for congee. I'm always their first customer. I believe I should get discounts. :)

  2. You need your sleep Lukian, you don't want bags under those beautiful eyes. Nice to see you eating healthy.

  3. It's a nice idea, but for me & many just a memory of times when we could eat breakfast!
    I can't but would love to be able to, for me & others its a complex issue, morning medication(s) stomach condition, sleep problems, Insomnia, late night eating, bloating, bad habits, lack of discipline, time, inclination, all kinds of stuff, I guess many who have such busy lives just get used to not eating first thing in the mornings!
    It's good that you have maintained the ability to go and have breakfast!