Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good-Bye California!

Sniff, i don't want to go home yet!
But don't worry, i'll be back VERY soon. hehe.

So the 14 hour flight back to Hong Kong once again. They didn't change the movie selection since the flight i got to LA. So everything was the same. Which makes it worse because i've already seen what i needed to watch on the first flight.

I just ended up playing a lot of games on my Ipad and watched Black Swan. I kind of wasn't expecting all that nudity and sex scenes. I just hope the chinese passengers behind me didn't think i was watching porn on the plane. haha.

Arriving to Hong Kong. Oh boy, i miss all the coloured "tiles" lmao, now we just have hills and pollution. lol, just kidding. Hong Kong is pretty.

Well, I'm back!
COme to think of it, i can't believe i did so much in 2 days.


  1. Haha, you of all people I thought would not mind if passengers behind you thought you were watching porn! So long as you didn't get into trouble for it, I wouldn't really care if you were, for one.

    Haha, the battery life on the iPad is nice ne?

    Speak any Japanese with Julia like old times? I'm only a viewer and it still feels nostalgic!

  2. Hi, and welcome back to Hakka Land, hope you won't feel too exhausted, maybe a good sauner will help with that, after a good curry and some HK Congee 1st of course...\☺/

    Don't worry, I'm sure you'll fly again, real soon, perhaps for a winter break!!!!

    In the meantime, here's a cool sounding flight for you to listen too, hope you like it.

    Ciao ciao 4 Nao.....☺/

  3. BTW: please visit here in about 3 weeks, on the day of my birthday, 7th June perhaps, for the best Pizza's & Lasagna in HK.

    Paisano's Pizzeria Wan Chai HongKong Don't forget, will be open in about 3 weeks. Paisano's is Located at No. 5, O'Brian Road, Wan Chai.

    Paizano's means like fellow country men/women!

  4. Hi Lukian!!! im going to Hong Kong this summer for a few days, and was wondering if you can give me a few things a tourist should do/go/eat when im there!! it would be VERY helpful coming from you!! you seem to know some of the best things around :P thanks!!