Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cache Creek.

Yawn~I am absolutely nakkerd. It feels so good to be lying in a bed.
Another shitty picture from my iphone.
So this was my last few hours in California. I rested at Cache Creek Resort.

So when i just arrived to Cache Creek, Johnson was telling me how i have my own swimming pool in my room. So i was like WAAAHHH?! Are you frigging serious!? I ran up to my suite.

The suite was bigger than the one in Pechanga. I had a hufe living room and 2 bathrooms! How can i possibly make the best of both before i leave? LOL. Anyway i saw the bed and i just jumped onto it. I'm mazed i didn't just pass out on it. But wait! Theres one thing i got to see, Where is my swimming pool?!

.....you got to be kidding me. This is Johnson's idea of a "swimming pool"?? Dude the deepest area would only go just past my knees WTH? and the size! This isn't a swimming pool. It's a puddle for you to play around with your feet. lol! Way to go in betting my hopes up high.

But hey! it wasn't all bad, i had around 5 hours until i had to set off to the airport. Since i'm not someone who sleeps on planes, i'm going to do as much sleeping and resting as i can before i get on that journey back to Hong Kong. So i stripped myself and jumped into the Jacuzzi. Then right after, took a nice nap in a bathrobe...

Yawn~ wake me up when it's time to go..... snore...


  1. Sounds like you had a good time here in California. I've live in the Sacramento (valley) area and I have never been the Cache Creek. Now after your post, I might just check it out.

    Have a safe trip back home.

  2. Cache Creek in northern California?

  3. Safe trip back to HK or wherever you go

  4. Excellent room etc, the pool, well, okay, so it's not a dive pool, just for dipping, but the Jacuzzi...Yeeeeeeah...that's my kinda Hotel, I reckon you got the better deal there, and with such a swish room, gosh your a Lucky girl..\☺/

    Hope you eat well before flying out, and sleep well too, remember you'll be flying forwards in time on the back to HK, there is a difference of 15 hours between LA/CA and HK!

    Hope you have & wishing a nice flight home..☺/

    Ciao ciao 4 nao ☺/

  5. WOAH O_O" you're BALLIN' girl!
    Love the Mika Nakashima song u got going on on your blog btw! : D