Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pechanga Resort & Casino!

Okay, so it wasn't really much of a road trip. It took about 3 hours drive, but still! Look how tired i look man! Lack of expression, just dead....I just woke up in the car! Gimme a break, no pretty faces yet. haha!

So after arriving in Pechanga Resort i checked into my room right away.
It was a suite! yay!!! How nice of them! I took many photos of the suite but them i thought, hold it! Why post a shit load of pictures when i can just post the video! So i looked online and found the video.

Purrrdy room. OKay so after getting comfy me and the guys went down to the concert backstage to say hi to our friend. He was too busy rehearsing so me and Sean decided to raid his restroom.
We played with the coffee machine, we used his washroom and then Sean started to roast my accent so i kicked him in the ass.

I don't know if Sean wants to get public so just incase i'm going to use an animated dog to show what his expression was. nyehehh~

OKay, we didn't just mess around. Of course we did need to help Johnson out with his show.
So Johnson brought this brand new pair of Shoes for the concert. And like many shoes, cheap or expensive they may have a huge issue. When a shoe is too new they may scratch the back of the foot above the heel. Now that i know is hella painful!

So what did we do? Brothers! let's work our shit!

We decided to wear down the material by stepping on the back of the shoe.
LOL! This seriously looks funny...Of course, we also got him some bandages….

After a Successful Concert that night, me, Sean and Mikey took off to buy some food for a mid-night party. We spent over US$100 on junk food. Now get ready for the list, i don't remember the exact but it was roughly this…

12 Soft Tacos
12 Hard Tacos
4 Burritos
4 Quesadillas
1 Order of Nachos
3 In-n-out Burgers
2 Large Fries
2 Chilli cheese fries
4 Churros

And that concludes our day... I went to sleep as a fat bitch.
It's 3AM and i have to be at the lobby by 6.30AM to catch my flight.
Where am i going next? It's the never ending Journey! hehe


  1. are you guys in cali right now? and johnson didn't call me!

  2. It seems like you're having a fairly good time, "a 'Ball' as they say in American english" so maybe that 3 hour drive was worth it after all!

    I hope you don't get ribbed to much about the proper English accent though, just tell them that this is the "Original English Accent" and anything else used over there is just a poor copy, with hahahahaha added to the end of that..☺ - then tell them you're just kidding, but seriously though, I suppose, at the end of the day, fun is just fun, and that's more or less what you're over there for, and now you're dabbled in the Fun Food thingy, but I'd still try to get some veggies into your system, like Broccolli & Asparagus, or Spinach Pasta, or Ravioli's filled with Spinach & Ricotta cheese, stuff like that, or my personal recommendation (I always recommend this to people) my recommendation of ''Ratatouille'' or Mediterranean style Vegetables, I'm sure Johnson must know of a few places that serve something like that!!!

    Well, so much for the health advice. The shoes look pretty cool, a bit pointed for my likes, but hey, I'm a wide footed person anyways, so, but yeah, nice shoes, and your kick-ass tactics/skills still seem to be in full working order, I bet they get a kick out of having you around,...heeheehee ☺(the Pun was Intended on that one).

    I like the video of the suite, the place looks okay (as far as hotels go these days) but yeah, it looks okay to me, so it seems that you are well looked after & that's cool.☺

    Anyway, must get a move on now, I'm off to Northern Spain now, Cantabria, boring, I know, but such is life for some of us I'm afraid, but it'll have to do for now!

    Anyways, keep us posted of your Californian adventure(s)

    Ciao ciao 4 nao...\☺/ Angeli Santi

  3. HAHAHHA oh wow! U got a SHIT load of food! xD NOMNOMNONM MEXICAN! <3