Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello and Goodbye San Francisco!

Okay, waking up at 6AM after sleeping at around 3.30AM was a bitch, but i was smart enough to pack everything before i slept. (Wasn't much anyway lol but you know what i mean.)
I got down to the lobby by 6.30AM and we were ready to go once the Limo arrived. YAY the classic black limo to the Airport!!! Thank you Pechanga muahahaha~ Ooops, I only took one picture on the Limo and i had to flash my knickers. FAIL! I'll cover it up with a pervert dog.

There, that's better lol.
Okay, i was super spoilt and had my breakfast on the Limo. Blueberry Pancakes!!

To be honest i don't eat sweet things in the morning and Johnson was too sleepy for his breakfast so i stole his hash browns while he was sleeping in the Limo. yeeheehee..

Once arrived at the Airport the check in was quick but the scanning part was a bitch. I had to take out my Ipad2 into a separate tray because it was a computer device. Then scanning was fine but as i started to pack up my bags, some shit head staff grabbed onto my ipad and started to look at it and showing the other staff. She then handed it back to me and said "Very nice." I was like frozen. WTF?! And i thought there was a problem! If you wanted to look at my ipad for "non-work reasons" Be nice and ask?
I dont even want to speak anymore about this, moving on now.

Welcome to Sacramento! Yay i don't know where i am but still! YAY!!
Okay after arrival, the others were heading to Cache Creek. But i'm not going with them. Why? Because i had other plans. The main purpose of my trip was to go San Francisco!

I hired a driver to take me to San Francisco and back when i'm done. Why am i going to San Francisco? To meet my girlfriend Julia Olson!!!!!!! Those who have been supporting me on Youtube since the very beginning will know who she is. I had loads of videos with me and her. She's my partner. I'll go into more detail next time about her but all you need to know this time is that i really missed her and i flew thousands of miles just to say hi to her. I think that's the most romantic thing i've ever done.

The trip to San Francisco was about 2 hours. It was very gloomy and rather cloudy. But somehow the closer i was to San Francisco the skies were clearing out.

Just look how blue the sky got! It was like my mood. As i was getting closer to Julia i was feeling so excited and happy.

To end this blog here is a picture of me and Julia and the huge Totoro i bought for her. It's a terrible photo of me but hey, her smile in this picture is priceless. I had only an hour with her since i had to hurry back to Sacramento. We talked and laughed just like the old days.

On my way back to Sacramento i felt rather blue but at the same time very happy that i saw her again. Just it was for too short. I've just been so busy to take time off to see her. Hopefully i can organize something and bring her to HK for her spine injury since she's not very happy with the progress in San Francisco.

Anyway! Let's not think about unhappy things! I miss her already!!!
I love you Julia!!!


  1. damn pervert dog!!!!!noooo... hahaha, you are beaultiful Bo Bo.

  2. Nice to see you enjoying yourself Lukian. You should stay longer next time.

  3. Sounds like you had a fairly full schedule, difficult to manage your time when there is so little of it available to play with, but I guess you did your best, and you did get to see Julia again, and that's a blessing I feel, perhaps a good omen, I can imagine that she may yet be able to make it over to HK, perhaps for Christmas, Christmas and Winter especially in HK is by far the best place to be, much nicer than hot sweaty summer with mosquito's etc, so lets hope and pray that she will make for Christmas.

    The Limo ride was pretty cool, and you got some brecky too, what luck!!!!!

    The Airport, I know, some of them can be such anuses, and she was bloody rude to flash your property around like that, I'd have told her off by telling straight to her to "Put down, NOW" and "How dare you play with my things" and then given her a filthy look, I mean, what a rude cow!!!!! Anyway, nuff said.

    It was admirable of you to make such a determined effort to go and see Julia, extremely thoughtful of you, it shows just how much of a good friend you are to those who you consider as being true friends.
    I hope her spinal problem is not anything mine, I can sympathize with her if it is, mine is permanent & often a real pain, so I can empathize with her on that, and I can say that with the spine, not to expect anything to improve in any kind of a hurry, it's gonna take a long time before any real improvement will be experienced, it takes time to heal, so better not try to rush it, hurry it or push it, just let it heal & improve at it's own rate.

    Anyway, hope you continue to enjoy the adventure in Cali, wherever you find yourself.

    Ciao ciao...☺/

  4. Shame! Only one hour!! But still, one hour beats 0 hours.

    Also, this makes the second time ever that (to my knowledge) we have been in the same city at the same time...:)

    The previous time was in Tokyo in 2008.