Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LUKIAN'S BLOG BANNER CONTEST 2011 - Autographed Polaroids.

The Lukian Blog Banner Competition 2011 has Officially ended Last week!
It was my first time holding a competition and i must say we had up to 30 contestants! Who know my viewers were so good with design? They were all so unique and it was difficult to choose.

SPECIAL PRIZE: Jamie Jackson

Don't worry if you didn't win. It's just for fun and I will be making more competitions soon! ♥

So this day i was taking Polaroids for the Banner Entry Prizes.

Originally i was told to just take a couple Professional photos and get them developed and signed.
But then i thought to myself, "That's not special!"
So i came up with the idea of taking a different Polaroid for each person who entered the Banner Contest.
I wanted to keep things SIMPLE and REAL.
You can't photoshop them, and you cant retake the exact thing again.
Using Polaroids are much better because there will only be ONE. That's why its Capturing that single moment.
So i hope you guys like it.

Of course one of the best part is my self signed Autograph on each Polaroid.
Heres a picture of the ink drying process haha! - The Silver ink was super hard to dry... =.=;;

All the Entry Gifts have already been sent out to those who gave me their address. So you should be receiving them very soon!! :D

The 3 Winner's Prizes have also been sent out but may take a little longer to receive since it's a much bigger Package.

I am very sorry to tell you that i no longer will accept incoming addresses to those who have submitted an entry.
I've been repeatedly reminding people to send me their addresses even a month after the Contest had already ended.

Don't be too gloom though! There will be another Competition very soon!

*Any upcoming Competitions/Updates will be posted on my Facebook.

So don't miss out!! ♥♥♥

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Beatles “Can’t Buy Me Love” Kubrick Set!

I don't know about you, but i'm pretty much old school.
I don't get it! it's not old if there are still people listening to it!

“Can’t Buy Me Love” but Can buy this:
Medicom Toy Kubrick 1000% The Beatles “Can’t Buy Me Love” Set.

Created by Silly Thing, we present you the 1000% Kubrick set, which was created in collaboration with Medicom. We have previously seen other Beatles Bearbricks, but for the first time they come as Kubricks and in the 1000% size.

A great range that will for sure be very interesting for all collectors out there.

I have to be honest with you. It is awfully pricey, (you'll know what i mean once you click the THINK SILLY webstore link lmao) But for those hardcore fans out there, i guess it may just be worth it. "Baby you're a rich man~♬" (1967) lol!!

Imagine coming home everyday to find The Beatles greeting you!'m in love...

The 1000% Kubrick set is now available for worldwide purchase through the THINK SILLY webstore.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Macbook Pro Explodes!!

My MacBook Pro battery blew up.
See for yourself - it sure doesn't look too healthy, does it?

I have had my Macbook Pro for over 4 years (2006-2011)
It was the Oldest Generation Macbook Pro and I have loved it the whole time. In fact, I still do.
However, what I obviously failed to realize, is that the battery on a MacBook Pro (I assume the same goes for other brands too) doesn't last forever.
A few months ago, my Macbook Pro started to slow down, it would even just automatically shut off. I assumed my Macbook Pro was not healthy.
I decided to put it into retirement and buy myself an iMac.
I've been through a lot with my Macbook pro. It's followed me out of London, to Surrey. Surrey to Hong Kong, Japan, US. I didn't want it to completely die on me. It's my precious.
So i left it on the top of my cupboard. - Unplugged, and turned off.

One day i wanted to take my Macbook Pro down for some cleaning. I placed it on the table and it was wobbly. I thought the wobbliness was because of some cables or other stuff I had placed the Macbook on top of. So, I lifted it off the table - there was nothing on the table so i put it back down. "Still wobbly?!" I thought, uh oh, what's going on? So I looked under the Macbook, and I was in shock to see that the whole battery was damaged! It looked like something was trying to break out of the Macbook! I was so freaked out. I carefully disconnected the battery, No leaks or damage there. However, the battery itself didn't look that great! Or what do you think?

My Macbook Pro, has exploded.

The Macbook pro battery problem.

I contacted Apple, and they asked me to check how many recharge cycles my Macbook has.
I simply replied them with, "The battery has exploded! How can i even open up the Macbook?!"
He asked me how long i've had the Macbook and i said, "4 years." The man on the phone said "oh... that's a long time. Warranty only covers around 300 recharge cycles, so I don't believe you will be covered by warranty, since you must have over this amount of recharge cycles in 4 years. However, I will connect you to sales person and they can take it from here." The Apple man also made it sound like it happens to a lot of Macbook Pro users. He also told me that i'm very lucky because 4 years is a very long time. Many people get this problem after 2 years. Now that scares me...

Needless to say, I was screwed on the warranty.

Well, I realize a battery doesn't last forever, but I never felt informed about how long the battery would last, and I never really thought about it. I think Apple should have a big sticker on the box, or more prominent info somewhere about how to make the most out of the battery life.
Maybe if it said, "Battery may Explode." I would had been smarter or been informed about how many charge recycles the battery could handle, i would buy a new battery as a spare without having to wait for it to explode.

The Conclusion.

I bought a new battery and all is now good.
Now, I'm starting to question Apple and Steve Job's wonderful technology.
Apple products are great compared to any other Computer product.
I've had my Macbook Pro for 4 years without catching a single Virus, no other trouble. I remember before when i was still using a normal computer/laptop it would have already broken down or filled with Viruses within a year - two years. But Never! Ever! have they exploded on me.
I have never heard of a Laptop battery exploding - only that it's failed to work/broken.
I'm starting to think, i have 4 year olds playing on Macbooks. What happens when it explodes WHILE they are playing on it? It was able to explode not being plugged into anything and OFF. How dangerous would it be if it exploded while connected to a charger?
The apple people makes it sound like its a very common problem. Explosions are not a NORMAL problems! If the battery starts failing to work, no questions! All electronics will have these problems. But having a time Bomb that would go off after 300 recharge cycles?

Apple, Steve Jobs, I think you better explain yourself here.
Funny how one's perspective changes so fast... I'm a huge fan, i really am.
I really hope they'd look into this and improve.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

When people say...

"Maybe you didn't understand me..."
People say this when they are annoyed at the fact you didn't agree with them. No dumbass, i understood you, it just that you are WRONG!

"You look different, what is it…?"
Hmm, i don't know. Depends on if you mean that as a compliment or not. Different as in "I used to look like shit and now i don't" or different as in, "I look older and more worn out but you didn't wanna say it?"

"I hate to ask this, but…"
Then don't! Seriously,…

"No offense But…."
Really? Just because you say no offense doesn't mean you can be a jerk.

"I didn't hear the phone ring"
LIAR!!! lol

"I'll call you…"
They are basically telling you that if they don't get a better option, then they'll call.

"What are you doing tonight/tomorrow/next week?"
Well, I don't know. If you are going to invite me to do something stupid then Yes, i have plans. If the invitation is for something good, then i might be available. The only possible answer to that question is "WHY"!?

"Oh yes, we've met before."
and i stand there like a fish wondering who the hell this person is. LOL I hate that!

"Excuse me, are you in line?"
No, i'm just standing behind all these people to fake you out!

"Eew! Smell this!"
WTF?! You think something smells digesting and you want me to confirm?

I walking through the door soaked to the bone and some dimwit asks "Is it Raining?"
No i got attacked by water balloons.

When I trip and fall flat on my nose and they ask, "are you alright?"
It's like, hell no, I'm not alright! didn't you see me fall!?

I got the feeling that after posting this there will be people who want to comment on this blog saying i sound unkind, selfish and like a real bitch.

I think maybe you should learn to have a sense of humor. LOL

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alien growing inside my Wrist!

A ganglion is a small cyst that contains a thick jelly-like material. It looks and feels like a smooth lump under the skin. Watch my video to find out more...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to chroma key in Photoshop.

So for those following my facebook would know that i have been surviving without photoshop for almost a year now.
How did i survive? I ask myself that too! I just relied on HTML to resize my photos and iphoto to adjust the colour balance. OMG! it seriously sucks!!!
But you know what? I finally bought photoshop again!! yay! - i'm such a cheapskate lol.

To celebrate i decided to play around with a photo i took during a photoshoot for Christelle.
The studio had a big blue wall and it would be such a waste if i didn't use it to play with Chroma key!

So here is the most simple and quickest way to chroma key in Photoshop.

1. Over lap the photo you would like to remove the blue/green screen from onto the selected background photo.

2. Select 'Color Range...' from the 'Select' menu.

3. After the Color Range box comes up, click on the eyedropper tool and get a sample of the colour you wish to get rid of.

4. Drag the 'Fuzziness' slider until your image becomes clear and Click Ok.

5. Now you should be able to see the it has outlined your photo. Now you can just tap the 'Delete' button on your keypad.

Here is the final outcome for today:

Photoshop is so expensive but so much fun at the same time.
So i guess it was worth it...

I'm actually thinking of replacing my YouTube wallpaper with this photo.
Actually, i already have! hahaha!

What do you think?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Russian Ice Bar!!

This was my first time going to a Russian Cuisine.
Originally i have booked a reservation at a Japanese Teppanyaki, but they somehow didn't have any record of it!? Even though i called them for a second time to re-confirm my booking that afternoon!
They couldn't give me a table and offered me and my friends to squish onto the end of a small Sushi Bar.
My friends knowing my kind of temper said, "Hey! Let's not let this Ruin our dinner, let me take you to somewhere."
They knew i loved trying different restaurants and after finding out i have never been for Russian food they took me here. "Balalaika" Russian Restaurant.

Balalaika is a famous Hong Kong institution and probably the only place in the city where you can get authentic Russian food and Vodkas. It is well known for its "Siberian Vodka room" AKA, Ice Freezer Bar, where dozens of high-quality vodkas are kept in -20°!

Inevitably an exotic meal may cost you an arm and a leg, though I have to say that perhaps Balalaika Russian Restaurant is one of the few exceptions.

I let my friend do most of the ordering from the Menu since i was a complete newbie.
This was the Assorted meat platter with pickled vegetables.

We also ordered the Caviar. I'm not a big fan or expert in Caviar so i can't really tell you what i thought of it. But judging from my friends, it must have been some good Caviar. Oh and the Caviar which came with Pancakes and Toppings! Now that was fun!

For my main dish i ordered a nice Salmon.
I know, every single Cuisine i go to i would still find myself eating fish. haha!!
Now, i can tell you, this was a good Salmon. haha

My friends ordered a Lamb shoulder with vegetables & coriander which was i think one of the more popular choices. Which i didn't get a chance to take a picture of because i was too busy eating my fish, but i remember the portion being HUGE!

FInally, the part you have all been waiting for...The Main Attraction!
A visit to Balalaika would be incomplete without visiting the -20° Ice Bar!!!!

Before entering the chilled room you get to choose a huge fur coat, a fur cap and a pair of furry ear muffs. I decided to go hardcore not to wear any of those! LMAO.
Just me, my shorts and my Vodka. haha
After taking this photo with a smile, i was dying to get out.

Overall i think it was a great experience for me.
I have never drank so much Vodka before for dinner! The Vodka menu had so many different choices that i just had to try them all. Well, i tried to haha.
I think i had around 12 glasses of Vodka that dinner.

Don’t expect to have much privacy here it simply wasn’t that kind of place.
The Ice Bar is definitely a must-visit.
By the way, when the bill came, most of it was the Vodka. So if you don't drink then this place wouldn't be too pricey. LOL.

2/F, 10 Knutsford Terrace,
Tsim Sha Tsui. Hong Kong.
Tel: (+852) 2312 6222

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Diamonds are Forever*

Christelle* by Wee Soon Co.,Ltd.

Another day at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
I feel like it's my second home haha!
This time it's The Hong Kong International Jewelry Show 2011.
I'm always excited about working with a different Company because it means i get to meet new people and it's a different experience.
I was very happy to work with Christelle Ltd for the first time.
I've done tons of Jewelry Expos for the past few years. (Jewelry Conventions are more regular with up to 3 Shows per year in Hong Kong!) But! it's actually my first time working with Diamond Jewelry.
Those who followed my older blog would think, "huh? I thought you worked with Diamonds before!" Yes, you're right! but it was Just Diamonds. Raw Diamonds which hasn't been made into an accessory yet.

It was so much fun working with Christelle, the staff were so friendly and cheerful.
And you know me, i'm a rather happy and energetic person myself haha.
Plus! Put Women and Diamonds near each other, it's like Moths with a bright light.

"WE CAN'T HELP IT!! IT'S SO PURDY~!!!" and ZAP! the Moth dies and Ka Ching! Women take out their Credit Cards. or... *evil laugh* Men empty out their pockets! LOL.

Anyway, Christelle does have a lot of Beautiful Diamond and 18K gold Jewerly.
If any of you are interested in buying yourself great quality Diamond Jewelry, do check out Christelle. Christelle is a Wholesaler. (I'm sure you know what that means...*cough Wholesale price.)

You can check out their Website for their Show Schedules worldwide and some of their designs.
Just click their Logo on the right side. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sushi Sandwich.

Often when i have guest come over to my home, i always panic on what to serve them because i always try to be the perfect host.
You don't want to over do it, yet you don't want your guest to feel like you're not bothered much.
Sushi Sandwiches make the perfect snack for guest because firstly, it's so easy to make! Second is the presentation and you can really get creative with the filling. You can also consider making these for parties. Sushi Sandwiches go great in the Finger Food category.
Once last thing for mothers, Kids will be happy to eat these even if the filling has veggies!

Slices of Square Sandwich white or wholemeal (bread, crusts removed)
Choices of filling (Recommend Grated, flaked or thinly sliced)
Cling Film/Plastic Wrap
Optional: Jam, butter, mayonnaise or any another sauce.
*In the picture i used Lettuce, smoked salmon, Ham and Salami. Sour Cream and Butter.

1. Place a piece of Cling Film on the surface. Then put bread on top of the cling film. Use a rolling pin to flatten bread slightly.

2. Add thin layers of your chosen sandwich ingredients.

Note: Recommend 1-3 fillings per sandwich. It's easier to roll up later.

3. Use the cling film like a bamboo sushi mat and Roll up the sandwich to enclose filling.

Note: The Cling film should roll over and not in with the filling. The who ends of the cling film should cling onto each other holding the Sushi Sandwich tightly in place.

4. Cut each sandwich into 3 rounds.

Now Repeat these steps with different fillings! Make as much as you please!

Then when you've had enough, it is ready to be served! or, you can Store them in the fridge until ready to pack into lunch boxes.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Powerful Tsunami hits Japan after 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake.

I'm sending all my thoughts, hope, and prayers to Japan. Praying for Russia, Guam, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, and Hawaii as well.

A Major Earthquake and Tsunami has hit Japan a couple hours ago and it's still going on now.

It was a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake has struck off Japan's northeastern coast, triggering a powerful tsunami that washed away cars along parts of the coastline.

Watching this live on television made my eyes water.
Watching the view from a helicopter, i could see the tsunami slowly wiping away rice fields and farms.
I started to think about the time and effort of the farmers took to plant every seed to feed japan.
I saw cars driving full speed running from the tsunami which was less than a mile away, getting blocked by empty vehicles on the road. Getting out of the car and runny by foot… it was too late. I watched this poor man or lady get over run by the Tsunami.
I saw a group of people running together along the fields, away from the Tsunami.
It was like a Movie, but this was real life.
I turned off the television. I couldn't watch anymore of this. Tears were already running down my face.

I got into the internet and started to send a message to every possible friend i have in Japan.
I found out that my friends whole company was washed away, my friend's fields and land also and some of my friends cannot contact their family because the phone lines are down.

I had a few deals and work in Japan the coming few months but i guess, theres no point thinking about those now. It doesn't matter if i can't work for those companies anymore, I just nope the people are safe.

I am aware that some of the people in China has started to cheer and say that Japan deserved this.
It makes me sick.
Why is there so much hate in this world. Why don't people understand that we must take care of each other to make the world a better place.
What happened in the past was horrific and shouldn't be forgiven but that doesn't mean we should lower yourselves to the same level and be heartless, cold blooded animals. We are better than what we were 100 of years ago! We humans learn from mistakes and improve ourselves! We humans used to be cavemen but look what we can accomplish when we work together?
We humans took over this world. We built our cities, countries, we humans are the smartest animals. We are so worked up in making nature ours to realize that, mother nature may want to take things back.
Nature is just trying to clean up our land with tsunamis and reform the land with Earthquakes. If we see it in the brighter side, i'm sure we would feel a lot better.

Behind Every Cloud there is a silver Lining.

What we must learn from this is that this world we live in is unpredictable. Life is Unpredictable.
So let's just make every minute count. Live you're life with no regrets.

Only a God can do everything. We humans can only do what we are capable of.

Let's get ready help those in need.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Missing London.

So this is from a photo shoot i did for a magazine in London.
I actually don't remember the name since it was a while ago and i never got to follow up on it.
Doesn't matter i guess.

By the way, my legs aren't exactly Purple, it's just the lighting haha!
I tried to fix the colour on iphoto, but i guess it's not the same as photoshop.
I really should get photoshop for these kind of things but it's so overly priced for the Mac...(plus it's only one user when you get it too! So i can't install it to my other devices.)

Actually, I kind of miss London actually.
I miss the weather somehow and how spacious it is.
Hong Kong is always packed with people.
I used to love having tea and reading at places like Cafe Nero and Starbucks...
But oh my god! The Starbucks in Hong Kong is like a bloody fish market!

oh... I feel home sick?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Sleeping Habit.

So i never used to like anything being near me when trying to sleep.
I have lots of toys but they are all beside the bed.
When i was much younger and slept with my mother, I would still keep my distance.
Don't get me wrong! It's not because i dislike my own mother! It's just i don't like the feeling of something moving next to me. - it really distracts me. Even the movement of the chest while breathing.
When my sister and i have girly nights and sleep together, she always has to feel that something or someones next to her, which is the complete opposite of me.
She tends to rest her foot over mind or her whole leg over my body. Those are the nights i am sure to not get any sleep.
So, whenever someone sleeps with me i'm always like, "Stay on your side and don't touch me or even come near me." Like a TouchPhobia for sleeping!

haha, must be a complete turn off for the guys eh?

But anyway, about a month ago, Hong Kong was extremely cold.
Those nights i spent at my mothers place. She has these electronic mattresses set into every bed in the home, those nights were warm!
Until i went back to my place, i realized… I don't have no warming mattress!! sniff~
That night was cold!! I'm one of those people who like to sleep close to naked, but i actually had to wear a PJs that night! I'm talking about a huge Jumper and long and thick PJ trousers!
I curled up like a shrimp in my bed. - it wasn't much use.
Then i looked beside my bed and saw him, TIGER! A big fluffy TIGER!!
I grabbed it into my bed and snuggled with it.
Then before i knew, it was morning and there was tiger, resting on top of my chest with my arm around him.

Then from that day on, whenever it was cold, i would sleep with Tiger.
It was strange for my family and friends when i told them about this because they know how fussy i am with the way i sleep.
So i tried this the other say when me and my sister decided to have a sleepover in my Room.
I guess nothing has changed with people yet! haha!! I guess the only exception so far is Tiger.

Lucky Toy!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best Lasagna in Hong Kong.

So i just finished work at the Expo. I was Standing on heels for 10 hours! I was tired, hungry and just in pain!! My friend was working near me that day so we decided to have dinner together. Since i had to give her the gift i got for her back in Japan. haha! She said she knows a place that i may like....

Bel Paese is a semi-soft Italian cheese.
So i guess when you see a restaurant called il Bel Paese, you know it's an italian Restaurant!

Hong Kong's home-grown Italian deli just opened a branch in Wan Chai that has a dining room upstairs for lunch and casual dinners. Expect great Italian comfort food such as lasagna and spaghetti and meatballs.

You can shop around while you wait for your food to arrive and add your shopping onto the bill.
There is a large range of Italian Wine right now to where i'm sitting.
I felt like i was eating in the middle of a Super Market! So it was quite an experience.
I was staring at the Wine shelf while waiting for my Salad and it just spoke to me!!
I ended up buying 2 bottles of Italian Wine! LOL!

The waitresses don't speak chinese! haha! The Menu is in English too! Woohoo!
The dishes on the menu are rather cheap. Salads to main dishes are all between HK$40-60.
As you can see, the salad portions are pretty huge!
I seriously wasn't expecting this at all!

I have not eaten a GREAT lasagna in Hong Kong before.
I had huge doubts but Everyone around me were eating the Lasagna.
So i said to my friend, "Okay! I'm gonna test the Lasagna."

It arrived and there it was. It looked pretty, but hows the taste?
I have to be honest with you..
It still has a distance compared with the Lasagna in London. BUT!!....

...It was the best Lasagna i have had since i've come to Hong Kong!!

il Bel Paese
51 Hennessy Rd
Wan Chai
(+852) 2804 2992

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

International Fur & Fashion Fair 2010.

Manufacturer and Wholesaler.

Once again, it's the time of the year for The Hong Kong international Fur & Fashion Fair.
This year was a much bigger Show compared with last year.
It's my second time working for Mount Level.
The Fair lasted for Four days, everyday starting from 9AM - means 6AM waking up time for me!!
It was rather tiring but still, a lot of fun meeting old and new buyers.

And of course the Fashion Show.
This year we had up to 300 different designs.
Those who read my blog last year would be more familiar with the number tags.
The Tags must be shown during the Fashion Show so for the Buyers viewing, they can easily mark down the number of the design they liked.

I personally like Hooded Fur designs more. hehe.
I like the fluffy eskimo Look during winter!
Hong Kong isn't the best place for fur since its often hot weather, neither is London because it rains so much...
Hopefully i can go somewhere snowy and beautiful this Winter even though it's a long way away at the moment LOL. I am thinking maybe Hokkaido or some other ski resort in South Korea. *dreamings~

Here's Me, Cherry & Nadya.

Finally Me & all of the girls together.