Sunday, March 27, 2011

Macbook Pro Explodes!!

My MacBook Pro battery blew up.
See for yourself - it sure doesn't look too healthy, does it?

I have had my Macbook Pro for over 4 years (2006-2011)
It was the Oldest Generation Macbook Pro and I have loved it the whole time. In fact, I still do.
However, what I obviously failed to realize, is that the battery on a MacBook Pro (I assume the same goes for other brands too) doesn't last forever.
A few months ago, my Macbook Pro started to slow down, it would even just automatically shut off. I assumed my Macbook Pro was not healthy.
I decided to put it into retirement and buy myself an iMac.
I've been through a lot with my Macbook pro. It's followed me out of London, to Surrey. Surrey to Hong Kong, Japan, US. I didn't want it to completely die on me. It's my precious.
So i left it on the top of my cupboard. - Unplugged, and turned off.

One day i wanted to take my Macbook Pro down for some cleaning. I placed it on the table and it was wobbly. I thought the wobbliness was because of some cables or other stuff I had placed the Macbook on top of. So, I lifted it off the table - there was nothing on the table so i put it back down. "Still wobbly?!" I thought, uh oh, what's going on? So I looked under the Macbook, and I was in shock to see that the whole battery was damaged! It looked like something was trying to break out of the Macbook! I was so freaked out. I carefully disconnected the battery, No leaks or damage there. However, the battery itself didn't look that great! Or what do you think?

My Macbook Pro, has exploded.

The Macbook pro battery problem.

I contacted Apple, and they asked me to check how many recharge cycles my Macbook has.
I simply replied them with, "The battery has exploded! How can i even open up the Macbook?!"
He asked me how long i've had the Macbook and i said, "4 years." The man on the phone said "oh... that's a long time. Warranty only covers around 300 recharge cycles, so I don't believe you will be covered by warranty, since you must have over this amount of recharge cycles in 4 years. However, I will connect you to sales person and they can take it from here." The Apple man also made it sound like it happens to a lot of Macbook Pro users. He also told me that i'm very lucky because 4 years is a very long time. Many people get this problem after 2 years. Now that scares me...

Needless to say, I was screwed on the warranty.

Well, I realize a battery doesn't last forever, but I never felt informed about how long the battery would last, and I never really thought about it. I think Apple should have a big sticker on the box, or more prominent info somewhere about how to make the most out of the battery life.
Maybe if it said, "Battery may Explode." I would had been smarter or been informed about how many charge recycles the battery could handle, i would buy a new battery as a spare without having to wait for it to explode.

The Conclusion.

I bought a new battery and all is now good.
Now, I'm starting to question Apple and Steve Job's wonderful technology.
Apple products are great compared to any other Computer product.
I've had my Macbook Pro for 4 years without catching a single Virus, no other trouble. I remember before when i was still using a normal computer/laptop it would have already broken down or filled with Viruses within a year - two years. But Never! Ever! have they exploded on me.
I have never heard of a Laptop battery exploding - only that it's failed to work/broken.
I'm starting to think, i have 4 year olds playing on Macbooks. What happens when it explodes WHILE they are playing on it? It was able to explode not being plugged into anything and OFF. How dangerous would it be if it exploded while connected to a charger?
The apple people makes it sound like its a very common problem. Explosions are not a NORMAL problems! If the battery starts failing to work, no questions! All electronics will have these problems. But having a time Bomb that would go off after 300 recharge cycles?

Apple, Steve Jobs, I think you better explain yourself here.
Funny how one's perspective changes so fast... I'm a huge fan, i really am.
I really hope they'd look into this and improve.


  1. looks to me like a claim in need lol

  2. Apple sucks, geeks don't use Mac :))

  3. Imagine if it had hurt you... I cannot realize Lukian hurt... It would be the most terrible thing in this century... ;-)

  4. wow dat sux hope you can replace it

  5. You kept it too close to that hot body of your and thats enough to make anything blow up. I like the bg music Levian polka. I hope you can contact your fans. I hope you are ok Lukian.

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  7. That's just INSANE O_O"
    Oh my goodness.. At least nobody got hurt.

    I heard a lot of previous MAC-lovers come out and state that the product is great for the first year - it's new, exciting and different. But Apple Mac Books just don't run as efficiently with the technology and internet programmes that we have these days. A lot of my friends with MACs can't even use MSN or other social sites. >_<"

  8. That's so funny! But not. You know.

    At least it didn't damage the rest of your Macbook. :)

  9. lol this post is scaring me, my macbook pro is the one with the battery embedded inside (i can't even take the battery out) so if mine explodes, my macbook pro will be scewwwwwwwwwwed :(

  10. i am using the same macbook pro as you for 4 years now. The battery has died on me once and the battery i'm using now is a new one.
    I am living in the states and they said the warranty does not cover the battery. However, when my video card died on me last month they replaced a new one for me without charging me anything (even my warranty has expired for a long time) so I was thinking I didn't pay shit loads for a laptop for nothing. I know what happened to your macbook pro was terrible but in fact, it is common sense to take out the battery when you decided to put ANY electronic products in retirement LOL

    anyway here is a link to this issus on apple website:

  11. Your battery exploding is defiantly not normal. But I bet you because you're in HK now if you are living in a place that fluctuates in temperature and humidity, it might be the cause of it exploding. But thank goodness you wern't around when it did pop! Ive heard in HK it's better to have a case or chest that holds ur electronics. even photography equipment, b/c of the humidity and heat it may damage the electronics more quickly. No, im not from apple. haha. oh and your battery lasting for as long as it did. is really an exception. I'd try to get someone now to get all the data off ur HD now. But make sure u go to someone u know. haha. b/c as previous history shows u cant trust all those tech guys ;).

  12. RE: Springfield

    I guess i fail as a geek. lmao

    RE: 나니

    Not so true, Macs can use MSN and a lot of other social sites.
    One thing they can't do is play a lot of the online RPGs because theres nothing available for it other then WOW. LMAO. Gay......

    RE: nephemera

    very good point. makes me think what happens to electronics in places like Africa. Maybe it melts lol

  13. The battery on this HP Pavilion died within the first seven months from when I got it, Summer 2009. It went from full charge capacity to half to one-tenth to zero. Then I used its charge cord for the remainder of 2010 until it stopped starting up in late January. The cord isn't meant to stay in during use, it's prone to fall out unintentionally. It went from: on -> low battery capacity notice -> improper shutdown notice -> starting up screen -> computer work -> unintentional power cord disconnection -> black -> repeat, multiple times. This destroyed the chord and fried the motherboard. It's good that your Mac itself didn't explode right; Lukian Banner Contest Failure.

  14. Seems pretty normal to me. I've had a similar experience with my macbook, the batteries became bloated and started leaking! It was around the same age as your macbook too. Glad you aren't hurt Lukian ;).

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