Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Missing London.

So this is from a photo shoot i did for a magazine in London.
I actually don't remember the name since it was a while ago and i never got to follow up on it.
Doesn't matter i guess.

By the way, my legs aren't exactly Purple, it's just the lighting haha!
I tried to fix the colour on iphoto, but i guess it's not the same as photoshop.
I really should get photoshop for these kind of things but it's so overly priced for the Mac...(plus it's only one user when you get it too! So i can't install it to my other devices.)

Actually, I kind of miss London actually.
I miss the weather somehow and how spacious it is.
Hong Kong is always packed with people.
I used to love having tea and reading at places like Cafe Nero and Starbucks...
But oh my god! The Starbucks in Hong Kong is like a bloody fish market!

oh... I feel home sick?


  1. I bet you don't miss that hair. :D

    Purple legs or no legs, I still <3 U. =]

  2. I don't blame you though.. You're FAR away from home and far away from friends and the life you used to lead. Growing up is tough : (

  3. I hate Starbucks in Hong Kong too!!

  4. Come here visit old, cold, cloudy UK!! take a break have some special england cup of tea.. ^^ n chill in coven garden with cup cake in the side. ;)

  5. The only thing I miss about London are the genuine, real, authentic, Fish & Chip Shops, as you cannot for love nor money get a decent hot fresh British style Fish & Chips with salt & vinegar on them outside of London or the UK, it's just not the same in any place I've been, and the Italian & Greek food also is far better in London!
    The other thing about eating out in London is, there are more places to choose to eat per mile, than any other place on planet earth, the variety is unparalleled, not even Hong Kong can match it for that! If only Hong Kong weren't so goddam bloody hot & *off the scale humid* between winters, like Barcelona & Madrid for example, & other parts of Spain, it is often simply too unbearable at times, and I like the cooler summers that you get in the suburbs of London!

  6. Lukian! Can't you tell us more about Hong Kong? Why did you move? And how's life over there? I'm 20, I live in Sweden and I might move to Hong Kong.. It would be really nice if you could reply :) Thanks, and by the way.. I love your blog!

  7. RE: Jeremy Micheal Valdez

    you make me miss London even more :(

    RE: Angelo

    hmm, i'm not too sure about that actually. I find hong Kong more convenient for different good foods compared with London.
    Hong Kong has many top italian, french, spanish, chinese, japanese cuisines. But with London, it's more limited and you may have to drive very far to reach a good restaurant. One thing for sure is that CHinese food taste nothing like chinese food there haha.
    But one thing i won't compare, is how great the pastry is.... mm.. GREGS STEAK BAKES ARE BEST!!!

    RE: Phuong

    Well, there are many reasons why i left London For Hong Kong. Nothing to do with Hong Kong being "better" than London. Just personal reasons really.
    If you like a challenge and really gain some experience in Work, then Hong Kong is the place because it's so competitive. If i had any lower in EQ i think i would have fled back to London after a few months. But i'm a Leo. We love the challenge.

    I'll try blog more about hong Kong :)
    'cause you're not the first that has asked. haha