Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best Lasagna in Hong Kong.

So i just finished work at the Expo. I was Standing on heels for 10 hours! I was tired, hungry and just in pain!! My friend was working near me that day so we decided to have dinner together. Since i had to give her the gift i got for her back in Japan. haha! She said she knows a place that i may like....

Bel Paese is a semi-soft Italian cheese.
So i guess when you see a restaurant called il Bel Paese, you know it's an italian Restaurant!

Hong Kong's home-grown Italian deli just opened a branch in Wan Chai that has a dining room upstairs for lunch and casual dinners. Expect great Italian comfort food such as lasagna and spaghetti and meatballs.

You can shop around while you wait for your food to arrive and add your shopping onto the bill.
There is a large range of Italian Wine right now to where i'm sitting.
I felt like i was eating in the middle of a Super Market! So it was quite an experience.
I was staring at the Wine shelf while waiting for my Salad and it just spoke to me!!
I ended up buying 2 bottles of Italian Wine! LOL!

The waitresses don't speak chinese! haha! The Menu is in English too! Woohoo!
The dishes on the menu are rather cheap. Salads to main dishes are all between HK$40-60.
As you can see, the salad portions are pretty huge!
I seriously wasn't expecting this at all!

I have not eaten a GREAT lasagna in Hong Kong before.
I had huge doubts but Everyone around me were eating the Lasagna.
So i said to my friend, "Okay! I'm gonna test the Lasagna."

It arrived and there it was. It looked pretty, but hows the taste?
I have to be honest with you..
It still has a distance compared with the Lasagna in London. BUT!!....

...It was the best Lasagna i have had since i've come to Hong Kong!!

il Bel Paese
51 Hennessy Rd
Wan Chai
(+852) 2804 2992


  1. I would have loved to have just picked you up and carried you all those ten hours, but I know that you're a fighter, very tough, I knew you could handle it.

  2. RE: Robert Powell

    haha! OMG! i just replied your message in the game blog. YAY! another message!

    Yeh i like to tell people, "Nope! i'm fine! Je me sens mal!" (which means "i feel terrible" in french but it sounds better haha!)
    But inside i'm like swearing like a bitch. LOL

  3. And I'm so happy you've found some lasagna and spaghetti, some decent Italian cuisine. Haha, good job girlfriend.

  4. Yeah, I can see you're very charming. I'd be the stranger to say, you're the best one here, would you like a foot rub?

  5. I love food posts.. >_>" UGHH! and I love that you have this sort of passion for food. That you're not just a model who tries to avoid all food in fear of getting fat. You know the stereotypes.. Haha! But yeah.. The lasagna looks great! : D I should send my dad to HK to make you lasagna! He makes the BEST lasagna EVER!

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  7. Il Bel Paese (Pai+ehzeh)~ which mean "The Beautiful Country" in Italian...☺/

    Well I'm glad you finally found it, and perhaps now you can become a regular at "Il Bel Paese"

    I'd recommend everybody I meet to go and eat there, and as you say, to check out the Italian wines & spirits, they're all pretty much the same as you'd find in a lotta stores all over Europe basically, they got the most popular ones for sure, so again a convenient place for you to go looking for something to buy for drinking when you have people over to your place, and you want to give them a little bit of Italian style evening, you could take them to il Bel Paese to eat and then go back with some nice sweet Italian wines & conffectionary (or Special Italian Cioccolata, maybe/perhaps some special ****Cioccolata Fiorentina*** (Chio+Kolattah ~ Fio+Renteena) in Italiano!!!

    But whatever you decide, I know it will be the right thing for you, and yes, the Lasagna (Lazaaah+Neeeah) is pretty good, quite tasty in fact, perhaps not the best of the best, but then is there any place that can claim to have the best of the best of anything? The best Ice cream? the best Pizza? the best burger? the best Sushi? Not really, they're all pretty good, I guess it's better not to go in a judgmental way expecting to get the best of the best, but instead to go expecting to thoroughly enjoy whatever you get, and more often than not you will, as I can see that you did really enjoy it very much indeed, mind you, I must say that I've yet to meet anybody outside of Italia who can make it any better than I do (I also make a mean multi-layer Fish Pie and a mind blowing Greek Moussaka, but however, I digress, and I don't want to blow my trumpet too much on your blog, so I'll just say how delighted I am that you found a little part of Italy right on your own doorstep, right here in "Hong De La Kong".....(Milly will laugh her ass off at that one..\☺/ wink-wink).

    I do hope you visit Il Bel Paese again soon, and do try the Italian Lemon Cheese-Cake, it melts in the mouth, or the Almond Mocha Torte, made with Real Amaretto Liqueur, that alone will blow your socks off, let me tell you!!!!!

    ps: try soaking your feet in ankle high hot-ish water with Epsom Salt & Radox in it for 30 mins each night. You need to use about almost an egg cupful of Epsom Salt to one bowl of Hot water!
    That for me keeps my feet in good working order.