Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sushi Sandwich.

Often when i have guest come over to my home, i always panic on what to serve them because i always try to be the perfect host.
You don't want to over do it, yet you don't want your guest to feel like you're not bothered much.
Sushi Sandwiches make the perfect snack for guest because firstly, it's so easy to make! Second is the presentation and you can really get creative with the filling. You can also consider making these for parties. Sushi Sandwiches go great in the Finger Food category.
Once last thing for mothers, Kids will be happy to eat these even if the filling has veggies!

Slices of Square Sandwich white or wholemeal (bread, crusts removed)
Choices of filling (Recommend Grated, flaked or thinly sliced)
Cling Film/Plastic Wrap
Optional: Jam, butter, mayonnaise or any another sauce.
*In the picture i used Lettuce, smoked salmon, Ham and Salami. Sour Cream and Butter.

1. Place a piece of Cling Film on the surface. Then put bread on top of the cling film. Use a rolling pin to flatten bread slightly.

2. Add thin layers of your chosen sandwich ingredients.

Note: Recommend 1-3 fillings per sandwich. It's easier to roll up later.

3. Use the cling film like a bamboo sushi mat and Roll up the sandwich to enclose filling.

Note: The Cling film should roll over and not in with the filling. The who ends of the cling film should cling onto each other holding the Sushi Sandwich tightly in place.

4. Cut each sandwich into 3 rounds.

Now Repeat these steps with different fillings! Make as much as you please!

Then when you've had enough, it is ready to be served! or, you can Store them in the fridge until ready to pack into lunch boxes.


  1. Now you're definitely making me feel like I need a Sushi Fix, I like to have good variety in most things in life, so I tend to fluctuate between needing Italian food, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Thai, you name it, I'll eat it, but right now I could definitely down a Sushi Sarni!!!!!

    You know, I used to be a Chef, professionally, and one of my first ever assignments was working in the section called "The Larder" part of the kitchen setup, it was a huge affair, dealing with all kinds of stuff, I won't bore you, but my first one was to make all the buffet stuff (as you called it the "finger-food") meaning all the party stuff, hot & cold Buffet dishes, mostly small scale stuff, but I remember well how I simply could not stop chucking samples into my mouth and making them disappear in a hurry, mostly bcoz in those day I couldn't afford to eat during the day, so I never had anything for breakfast at all, so I kinda got used to doing that to keep me going for a few hours. Sheeeesh, what a memory, that was in the mid 1970's...\☺/ Well, Anyway!

    Cheers mi dear.....☺/

  2. Can I have one order to go?..hehe..

  3. I LOVE THIS POST. I'm going to make these for sure!

    RE: Angelo

    Haha, I used to grab a free sample from the bakery in the grocery store where I worked as I passed by, I know da urges without breakfast. The bakery smells so good, it's a killer! xD

  4. It looks so yummy! :'D You should open 'Model Lukian's Sushi Sandwiches' XD I'd stop by for sure!

  5. This is a really great idea && it looks really good & creative =D
    I'm gonna try this for the next party ;D Thx for sharing.

  6. RE: 나니

    You'd be my only costumer lol.