Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to chroma key in Photoshop.

So for those following my facebook would know that i have been surviving without photoshop for almost a year now.
How did i survive? I ask myself that too! I just relied on HTML to resize my photos and iphoto to adjust the colour balance. OMG! it seriously sucks!!!
But you know what? I finally bought photoshop again!! yay! - i'm such a cheapskate lol.

To celebrate i decided to play around with a photo i took during a photoshoot for Christelle.
The studio had a big blue wall and it would be such a waste if i didn't use it to play with Chroma key!

So here is the most simple and quickest way to chroma key in Photoshop.

1. Over lap the photo you would like to remove the blue/green screen from onto the selected background photo.

2. Select 'Color Range...' from the 'Select' menu.

3. After the Color Range box comes up, click on the eyedropper tool and get a sample of the colour you wish to get rid of.

4. Drag the 'Fuzziness' slider until your image becomes clear and Click Ok.

5. Now you should be able to see the it has outlined your photo. Now you can just tap the 'Delete' button on your keypad.

Here is the final outcome for today:

Photoshop is so expensive but so much fun at the same time.
So i guess it was worth it...

I'm actually thinking of replacing my YouTube wallpaper with this photo.
Actually, i already have! hahaha!

What do you think?


  1. This was interesting, I didn't know it was that simple. You did/it does a great job. (The outfit reminds of the circus, but it is a fine jacket. :o) Do some more like this, let your imagination flow? :]

  2. Wow! I think the photoshopped picture looks extremely cool! I've never used photoshop myself and I actually have no idea what chroma key is- I assume its an option in photoshop? Regardless of what it is, the new picture looks awesome! It reminds me of a Johnny Depp photo, the one for Alice in Wonderland or something. =) (or maybe that's the photo you used? I may be retarded like that lol =P)

  3. DO ET! Omg this is so cool! XD haha!

  4. It's FAB, and will work well, but that little "old" profile picture is starting to fade now, so how about another little piccy of little old you?!
    Ciao bella.....\☺

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    Please contact me to further to inquire.
    - Gabriel

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