Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Diamonds are Forever*

Christelle* by Wee Soon Co.,Ltd.

Another day at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
I feel like it's my second home haha!
This time it's The Hong Kong International Jewelry Show 2011.
I'm always excited about working with a different Company because it means i get to meet new people and it's a different experience.
I was very happy to work with Christelle Ltd for the first time.
I've done tons of Jewelry Expos for the past few years. (Jewelry Conventions are more regular with up to 3 Shows per year in Hong Kong!) But! it's actually my first time working with Diamond Jewelry.
Those who followed my older blog would think, "huh? I thought you worked with Diamonds before!" Yes, you're right! but it was Just Diamonds. Raw Diamonds which hasn't been made into an accessory yet.

It was so much fun working with Christelle, the staff were so friendly and cheerful.
And you know me, i'm a rather happy and energetic person myself haha.
Plus! Put Women and Diamonds near each other, it's like Moths with a bright light.

"WE CAN'T HELP IT!! IT'S SO PURDY~!!!" and ZAP! the Moth dies and Ka Ching! Women take out their Credit Cards. or... *evil laugh* Men empty out their pockets! LOL.

Anyway, Christelle does have a lot of Beautiful Diamond and 18K gold Jewerly.
If any of you are interested in buying yourself great quality Diamond Jewelry, do check out Christelle. Christelle is a Wholesaler. (I'm sure you know what that means...*cough Wholesale price.)

You can check out their Website for their Show Schedules worldwide and some of their designs.
Just click their Logo on the right side. :)


  1. Mmmmmm diamonds and gold. Christelle seems like a good fit for you, diamonds too. A nice draped dress, though I think white nails would of been prettier (arrogant of me :o). Did you see alot of people come to the booth? ^^ EVIL MOTHS!

  2. hey, nice to hv u with us tooooo.