Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Sleeping Habit.

So i never used to like anything being near me when trying to sleep.
I have lots of toys but they are all beside the bed.
When i was much younger and slept with my mother, I would still keep my distance.
Don't get me wrong! It's not because i dislike my own mother! It's just i don't like the feeling of something moving next to me. - it really distracts me. Even the movement of the chest while breathing.
When my sister and i have girly nights and sleep together, she always has to feel that something or someones next to her, which is the complete opposite of me.
She tends to rest her foot over mind or her whole leg over my body. Those are the nights i am sure to not get any sleep.
So, whenever someone sleeps with me i'm always like, "Stay on your side and don't touch me or even come near me." Like a TouchPhobia for sleeping!

haha, must be a complete turn off for the guys eh?

But anyway, about a month ago, Hong Kong was extremely cold.
Those nights i spent at my mothers place. She has these electronic mattresses set into every bed in the home, those nights were warm!
Until i went back to my place, i realized… I don't have no warming mattress!! sniff~
That night was cold!! I'm one of those people who like to sleep close to naked, but i actually had to wear a PJs that night! I'm talking about a huge Jumper and long and thick PJ trousers!
I curled up like a shrimp in my bed. - it wasn't much use.
Then i looked beside my bed and saw him, TIGER! A big fluffy TIGER!!
I grabbed it into my bed and snuggled with it.
Then before i knew, it was morning and there was tiger, resting on top of my chest with my arm around him.

Then from that day on, whenever it was cold, i would sleep with Tiger.
It was strange for my family and friends when i told them about this because they know how fussy i am with the way i sleep.
So i tried this the other say when me and my sister decided to have a sleepover in my Room.
I guess nothing has changed with people yet! haha!! I guess the only exception so far is Tiger.

Lucky Toy!


  1. .... I SLEEP EXACTLY THE SAME WAY AS YOUR SISTER. My girls like to sleep with me. I love them so much, Lucy Beagle and Penny Dachshund. They keep me warm, I'm sure I keep them warm too, hehe. I love to hear Lucy snore and see both of their breathing. One'll sleep between my legs and if the other is up top I'll throw my arm over her. Muahaha I love my pups. :]

    I have one blanket that I use with like eight goose feather pillows. Alot of pillows.. very comfortable though. I sleep under a ceiling fan, I like the wind so, I don't mind adding another blanket to help me stay warmer and to add a heaviness feeling and all this. I'm like a tornado in my sleep, I move around alot. And when I was younger I'd actually manage to fall off the bed or end up upside down. :P

    Why is it that you can't get any sleep or comfortably sleep with people like your sister and myself? :[ really though


  2. How I miss my Tiger boys, they used to sleep by my side, but on the outside of the blanket, but I gave off a lot of warmth that was sufficient for them to keep warm with, they were very affectionate, always looking for cuddles, they used to go bananas when they saw me coming back from work, either walking along the road or coming up the stairs, I miss all that very much!

    Ciao ciao...☺/

  3. I usually snuggle up with my stuffed animals if I'm sad. And as weird as it sounds... I like being cold when I have to sleep. XD

  4. I used to love sleeping with my stuffed animals! There was one in particular that I'd always have my arm around, it was a super old scottish terrier toy. I still have it, but now, I find that all my stuffed animals are actually in the way!

    I sleep differently when I'm with my boyfriend. It's the weirdest thing. I usually sleep on my back with my arms at my side but when I'm with him, I'll sleep on my side or sleep with my arms flung over my head. So weird!

  5. RE: Robert Powell

    I'm touch Phobia. LOL

    RE: Angelo

    I'm not big on tiger actually, it was a gift from a fan.
    But now it's become my sleeping buddy LOL

    RE: 나니

    So do i. I like it warm inside my bed and freezing outside.

    RE: Richelle

    I should do a blog about all the fucked up sleeping positions i have ever encountered LOL

  6. How could you slp without stuffed toys?! I must have it. BUAHAHA. i recenly got this tuffed toy an it was like freaking huge and i abandoned my bolster and went for moii new stuffed toy. (: