Friday, March 11, 2011

Powerful Tsunami hits Japan after 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake.

I'm sending all my thoughts, hope, and prayers to Japan. Praying for Russia, Guam, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, and Hawaii as well.

A Major Earthquake and Tsunami has hit Japan a couple hours ago and it's still going on now.

It was a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake has struck off Japan's northeastern coast, triggering a powerful tsunami that washed away cars along parts of the coastline.

Watching this live on television made my eyes water.
Watching the view from a helicopter, i could see the tsunami slowly wiping away rice fields and farms.
I started to think about the time and effort of the farmers took to plant every seed to feed japan.
I saw cars driving full speed running from the tsunami which was less than a mile away, getting blocked by empty vehicles on the road. Getting out of the car and runny by foot… it was too late. I watched this poor man or lady get over run by the Tsunami.
I saw a group of people running together along the fields, away from the Tsunami.
It was like a Movie, but this was real life.
I turned off the television. I couldn't watch anymore of this. Tears were already running down my face.

I got into the internet and started to send a message to every possible friend i have in Japan.
I found out that my friends whole company was washed away, my friend's fields and land also and some of my friends cannot contact their family because the phone lines are down.

I had a few deals and work in Japan the coming few months but i guess, theres no point thinking about those now. It doesn't matter if i can't work for those companies anymore, I just nope the people are safe.

I am aware that some of the people in China has started to cheer and say that Japan deserved this.
It makes me sick.
Why is there so much hate in this world. Why don't people understand that we must take care of each other to make the world a better place.
What happened in the past was horrific and shouldn't be forgiven but that doesn't mean we should lower yourselves to the same level and be heartless, cold blooded animals. We are better than what we were 100 of years ago! We humans learn from mistakes and improve ourselves! We humans used to be cavemen but look what we can accomplish when we work together?
We humans took over this world. We built our cities, countries, we humans are the smartest animals. We are so worked up in making nature ours to realize that, mother nature may want to take things back.
Nature is just trying to clean up our land with tsunamis and reform the land with Earthquakes. If we see it in the brighter side, i'm sure we would feel a lot better.

Behind Every Cloud there is a silver Lining.

What we must learn from this is that this world we live in is unpredictable. Life is Unpredictable.
So let's just make every minute count. Live you're life with no regrets.

Only a God can do everything. We humans can only do what we are capable of.

Let's get ready help those in need.


  1. Tsunami warnings for the whole pacific Rim.

  2. totally agree, especially when i just had experienced a 6.8 earthquake 2 weeks ago, i was lucky to get out of the building on time, otherwise i wouldn't have the chance to leave u commment now~

    life is so unpredictable, and it seems like nothing else is important in the world apart from being alive. i nearly burst into tears when i saw my street of buildings had collasped....=(

    im glad to be alive!

  3. this shit fucking sucks my prayers will be with them:(

  4. Prayers to Japan.

    Lets search for that silver lining, God can only give in these next few days, weeks, months.

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  6. This is retribution on human beings. we are cruel, we are sinful, we are selfish. we kill animals for their fur, not for food. We destroy the animals' living habitat when they had not offend us. We eat them in a cruel way. Why? Why? Why? it all strats because HUMAN are just too smart. so smart that they need to compare what they have and how they want it. IT IS SINFUL. AMITABHA..

  7. It's so awful. I saw it on the news too, so horrible to watch. I have friends in Japan, too, and haven't heard of them either...