Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LUKIAN'S BLOG BANNER CONTEST 2011 - Autographed Polaroids.

The Lukian Blog Banner Competition 2011 has Officially ended Last week!
It was my first time holding a competition and i must say we had up to 30 contestants! Who know my viewers were so good with design? They were all so unique and it was difficult to choose.

SPECIAL PRIZE: Jamie Jackson

Don't worry if you didn't win. It's just for fun and I will be making more competitions soon! ♥

So this day i was taking Polaroids for the Banner Entry Prizes.

Originally i was told to just take a couple Professional photos and get them developed and signed.
But then i thought to myself, "That's not special!"
So i came up with the idea of taking a different Polaroid for each person who entered the Banner Contest.
I wanted to keep things SIMPLE and REAL.
You can't photoshop them, and you cant retake the exact thing again.
Using Polaroids are much better because there will only be ONE. That's why its Capturing that single moment.
So i hope you guys like it.

Of course one of the best part is my self signed Autograph on each Polaroid.
Heres a picture of the ink drying process haha! - The Silver ink was super hard to dry... =.=;;

All the Entry Gifts have already been sent out to those who gave me their address. So you should be receiving them very soon!! :D

The 3 Winner's Prizes have also been sent out but may take a little longer to receive since it's a much bigger Package.

I am very sorry to tell you that i no longer will accept incoming addresses to those who have submitted an entry.
I've been repeatedly reminding people to send me their addresses even a month after the Contest had already ended.

Don't be too gloom though! There will be another Competition very soon!

*Any upcoming Competitions/Updates will be posted on my Facebook.

So don't miss out!! ♥♥♥


  1. Love the polaroid idea! :) It is indeed very special :)

  2. yea... i like the idea


  3. cool! You are really amazing! Im your new follower! :D

  4. I'm sure they'll love em. A lovely compliment.

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