Monday, April 25, 2011

Hot Pot, 60s, jack-ups and Abalone.

What a beautiful night at this wonderful location. I nice sea view with the colourful lights of Ocean Park. What more can you ask for?
I joined FLS today in their filming in progress. Tonight was going to be a long filming from 8pm all the way to 5am at Aberdeen harbor.

So i was told that they were going to have a hot pot and Louis was bringing Abalone, Cho Lam brought the Shark Fin and Johnson with the snacks and Whisky. Firstly i was like, What? Hop Pot in the middle of no where?!, Two, Abalone and Shark fin? Alcohol? Hot pot? Old broken Harbor? wtf? Knowing the group of them, i figured it must be some sort of scam or joke... it was no joke. That's what makes it cool.

After arriving at the Loading area/parking lot of the Harbor this was what i saw...

Where'd you get the wooden shelf? lol. "Found it." they replied.
A hot pot on a Litter bin with a view. Speechless! Kind of nasty at the same time, luckily the bin has just been emptied. "you can eat, and throw the waste away in the bin below without leaving a mess!"

So then here we were Hot potting away with a whole Elgrand filled with ramen, sashimi, vegetables and more.

Slowly as the hours past more and more of the actors joined in and started to open up their "Directors chair's". Filming is tough and tiring, but i guess with FLS around they make it a load of fun. - I find this picture hilarious! Just look at all their "jack-ups"!!! They are filming the 60s, that's why their clothing looks so outdated and… old. haha! I just love the Jack-ups Era.

Of course, Mother nature time to time will be a right bitch. - It started to Rain.

Nope! Don't you dare ruin the party! We moved the Hot pot with the bin under the car trunk door We also decided to also reverse my Elgrand and combine car trunks to make a larger sheltered area. lol.

The Party continued. We even had television from the Ipad and Music playing. Today's weather was actually really nice, it was warm with a little wind. The rain actually stopped after 15 minutes.
Here's a random picture of me having ramen.

Oh and, for your information. We did have Abalone and Shark Fin! WITH RICE! Yeh, and you'd think you can only eat these at a very expensive high end restaurant! We cooked these just now yourselves! Never under estimate FLS. LOL.

I don't know if it's a good or bad thing, but i can't eat Abalone or Shark Fin. I guess bad because both of them are China's move loved/expensive seafoods that is mostly eaten on special occasions (ie, business dinners, banquets, and weddings) SO i'm missing out. Or good because Shark fin is not just dangerous for sharks but bad for people, as well. (Shark fins contain high levels of poisonous mercury.) Any who i guess, let's cut these guys some slack and let them enjoy this wonderful evening.

I know what you're thinking, "i thought you guys were filming! It looks more like a picnic to me!" Okay okay, Here's a sneaky peak of them filming. They were running back and forth filming and eating. That's one way to film!

So i hope you guy's enjoyed this blog. it may be a little boring to read but i just want to share with you guys a fun night i had. hehe.

Oh and just before i end this blog, i found a very cute kitten who let stood very still and let me take this picture.

Awww! So cute! Meow!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥


  1. Ahh did you just go visit? Film? or work as a production runner?

  2. Looks like you guys had an amazing time! :'D Can't believe that even when you EAT, you still look so super pretty >_<" *jealous*

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  5. It all looks and sounds like it was a fun time that was had by everybody involved, a bit of camping experience for you too, as that's what it's like when you have to cook on the move while shooting on location, you have to be good at camping style cookery too, and nice it is too that you get this kind of opportunity in life to be part of that kind of scene, a lot of ladies would be green with envy, e.g. *Johnson* ~ Cho Lam, and the 'Tom Cat' for sure they would! You enjoyed the experience and perhaps learned a new thing or two as well, so good for you!!!

    Ciao ciao...☺/