Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good-Bye Xocks of Nox.

Hello, My name is Xocks, Sorcereress of Nox.

Isn't she Beautiful? This is her in her Final Armor. The Full Ushas Series!!
I decided to skipped the Beryl series and train her up to save money for the Last and Final thing.
Now it's time to put her into retirement since already reached the maximum level limit.
So for last memories i decided to take her out for her last day.
I decided to raid Aurora's land today. They got pretty pissed and tried to chase me out. haha! So heres some of the game play screen prints coming up!

Here's a picture of Xocks posing after raiding Mico.

This was my favorite Skill for the Sorcerer - Meteorite.

I couldn't leave the game without a final Battle. Both Aurora and Lumen declared war for our land so i went into battle. All three races in battle? Not a chance! Nox wins!!! MUAHAHA!! and i just noticed... theres a no-name scout! :O ...that's so.....mysterious... I LIKEY!!!! ♥♥♥

And Finally, back in town. Xocks doing "The Crane" lol. The angle of the shot looks more like i was creeping up on the guy in front hahaha!

There are a lot more funny screen shots from before, but this blog would never end. So i'm going to end it here with Xocks doing her Victory Jump. hehe ♥♥♥

Take a nice vacation Xocks! You've been the best!

So what next?
Well, I have decided to raise a Gladiator! haha! and so, it never ends.
I'll post of shots of my Gladiator when she's more mature.

GAME: Seven Swords (iPhone/iPad/iTouch)
It's Free!!!! xD


  1. You were the strongest on the battelfield!? Xocks is a top, unfair! Every team needs a sorcerer, that's for sure. What's your Gladiator's name going to be? Xena? xD

  2. i didnt know that u play video games.... o.O that's pretty cool though :)

  3. RE: Robert Powell

    Shes called Xoy :)

    RE: Natalie

    It's okay, i get that alot haha...

  4. Ah! so fantastic, so original, so you! I love it. Long live Xoy!

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