Saturday, April 23, 2011

At the end of our lives.

At the end of our lives, many of us regret not having made more money.

To be honest, I think what we truly regret are the places we didn't visit and the friendships we didn't nurture and the things we didn't do with the people we love. It's human nature to take the people who love us the most for granted.

If you found out you only had 30 minutes left to live, you'd be reaching for your mobiles and scrolling through the contacts to find those closest to you and tell them how much you love them. Then you'd run home holding your heart in your hand, speak truthfully about the love that you feel.

Nowadays people are just so busy. Tons to do, places to go and people to meet. Blinded in this materialistic world. But take a minute, right here and right now to make a call. Tell your kids how much you care. Tell your wife or your husband, Mom, Dad, siblings or your best friend how you feel about them.

I know it sounds like a rather cheesy, embarrassing, random and a "gay" thing to do. But trust me, you'll never regret if u do and you will if you don’t.


  1. Not cheesy at all, sound advice! Always make a good effort to communicate with the people who you know to be "the good people" in your life!! I've got one question though; when ya gonna gimme a call, eh? ☺

    Ciao bella...\☺

  2. Hey Lukian, I tried to call you, but I haven't your number, sorry, but I must say I have a big wish to meet you one day, so, til there

  3. You've become a life coach Lukian. I'm sure I've read this kind of stuff in some self-help books, it really does nothing to me though as I'm a non-materialistic person and to someone that matters I tell what he means to me at every opportunity. And if I found out I had 30 minutes left to live I'd be counting minutes, too sick of this hypocritical world.

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