Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland with my Girlfriend : Part 3

So now we come to the final part of the Disney Blogging! I hope you haven't got sick already haha. Firstly, it's going to be Fantasy Land.

Me and my friend went towards the "It's a Small World" attraction.
One thing i must say though, The "It's a Small World" Palace was bigger than the Cinderella Castle. HAHA!
This ride takes you all over the world presented by very cute singing dolls and a beautiful scenery. As you know, Disney is so international, Mulan - China, Stitich - Hawaii, Beauty and the Beast - France and more!!! So as we sail through the different Countries on this ride, we would also be able to spot the different Disney Characters.
We were told that there were 38 Disney characters throughout the attraction. I think we found them all. I'm not going to post any of the pictures because there's no way i can just post ONE picture! It's just too beautiful and lots to see! I rather you go search up this ride on Youtube and watch it. hehe

After this we were running out of time and we decided to find the next big attraction. Here's a nub picture of my friend. Do you see why i called it a nub picture? lmao!

If you don't then, oh well! LOL moving on~

So, Mickey’s Phillhar Magic. Okay! Spoiler ahead: Inside you'll see a beautiful gold proscenium stage decorated with musical instruments in relief. Once everyone is seated, you hear Goofy running around backstage. "Hmmm, there seems to be a problem." Uh, oh! What's that? You hear Goofy saying that it's time for the show and... "Gawrsh, where is everyone?" The orchestra is missing and Donald is sleeping. The curtains go up anyway and the fun begins!

When the movie begins, you'll meet some of Disney's most loved characters Flounder, Ariel, Simba, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Aladdin, Jasmine, Iago, Mickey, and, of course, Donald (Who it's actually the main role, not Mickey) and hear some of Disney’s most memorable songs. The 3D effects are brilliant, but it's the pairing of the 3D with other effects (scents, vibrations, wind, etc.) that make the whole experience so fantastic. So not really 3D, more like 4D!!!!!!

It was now starting to get Dark after riding the Tea Cups again, oh god…(Those who watched my Mad Tea cup video would know i just "LOVE" it haha) I filmed another video here too. I filmed my friend's reaction, but you could see me slowly falling down with the camera hahaha! It's actually more dizzy when you look at the spinning screen. damn… Let's hurry to Tomorrow Land!

I think my favorite attraction in Tomorrowland was Stitch Encounter. The truth is, it was my first time on this attraction. Since HK Disneyland must deal with three languages, Stitch Encounter needs to accommodate this need. Outside the attraction is an ever-changing sign that lists what times the shows will be performed in each language. This information is only posted here so you must walk by and plan your day accordingly. So i never could make it in time for English every time i came Disneyland. This time i was lucky that just as i arrived, they were letting the "English" people in! Hurray!

Here at Stitch Encounter, guests get to have a real-time conversation with Stitch. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of Stitch, but I loved this attraction. It made me laugh a lot unexpectedly. I thought Stitch Encounter was going to be some boring space ship ride like Winnie the Poh. Actually, it was because of this attraction that i actually fell in love with stitch! lol!!

Spoiler: Stitch finds one of the Audiences very familiar and points him out. The man tells him his name and stitch says, "Oh i remember you! We went to space jail together!" and the poor man tells stitch he's got the wrong guy and Switch reveals the "Wanted" poster with a night shot of the guy with his name! Oh i laughed so hard!
Other than this there were other really funny issues, the man playing stitch really had to have good charisma. He did a great job!

It was really dark after this and we had to head over to Space Mountain before the day ends. There's no way you can go to Disneyland without riding the ONE roller-coaster available. LOL

All safety instructions are given in three languages and i had to take off my Marie Ears. Buu!!!
The ride was so windy and it really 'blew me away' i was screaming my shits out. Hey! it's only fun if you scream!
So in the que i made a deal with my friend that we must pull a super ugly face at the camera. The one without the ugly face must buy dinner. Okay, my friend, being more girly than me, lol, of course wasn't capable in making himself look ugly. I somehow, made a huge fool of myself……
"Lukian, i never knew your face could get so big…." said my friend. The picture freaked the shit out of myself too lol! "No! I need a beauty shot next to this picture!" haha! Here we are…

Maybe because this ride was a combo to the Mad tea cups. I actually noticed NOW that i put on my marie ears backwards…. omg……FAIL! Someone's had a little TOO much fun! lmao!

Once we got out, it was time for Fireworks! I took a video of the fireworks, but because i took it on my Iphone, the quality wasn't at it's best. So i decided to look up youtube of anyone has posted and recent fireworks display from HK disneyland. Woohoo! I got one posted up a month earlier. It's the exact same as the one i saw. So i'd like to share it with you.

I must say though, The Cinderella Castle looks much better at night. hahaa!

Strangely, Disneyland closes right after the Fireworks! Which is kind of gay considering the fireworks had just made people hyper for more Disneyland. I was so hungry at this point, but no place was open! OMG! Everywhere was closed! This was when it was kind of a turn off to my great day……
"Eddie, I'm not going home empty handed! I need to shop!!!!!" and we dashed towards the Main Street.

Luckily, we ran past a Stall which hasn't fully packed up yet and saw a lot of stick pizzas! I hurried and bought one. Yay! Wasn't enough though, but no time! Need to buy something Disney!!!!

Oh, and i still had the backwards Marie ears on. I'm pretty pissed at my friend for not noticing it. I guess however much i hate to admit this, He is a guy. Lmao. "Thanks Lukian very much.." haha, you're welcome.

So to conclude. You don't have to a huge ass camera to take great pictures. Just a normal Camera will do. It's Disneyland.

Thank you guys for readying a 3 day blog to my ONE day at Disneyland HK, with a Double date with my GF1 and Eddie with his GF1. OMG I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA!!!! 


  1. You seem to have enjoyed yourself, I should probably go someday. I've actually never been to neither of the Disney attraction parks. It certainly seems like the only place in the world you can feel the way you do going there...minus the long line-ups lol.

  2. LOL 4D, easily amused.

    I would like to visit FFVII's Gold Saucer, built. Wouldn't that be amazing, eh maybe. xD

  3. It was nice. You have showed to people that they don't need to buy an expensive camera to enjoy themselves, just one that takes nice pics is sufficient. Thanks Lukian.

  4. Well, that was an awesome days experience, I guess you've had your Disney fix enough to last for the next decade or so, I don't imagine that you'd want to be going through all of that too often, it is a hella-of-a-lot of entertainment to cram all into one long-ass day (I'm afraid that would be too much for me now, too much for too many hours) but I guess you are still very young and can take it all in your stride, and it certainly seems like you were having a wonderful time with all the various parts/attractions/scenarios of the whole Island, but I bet you felt a bit whacked after you got back home though, I bet you slept like a cat for 12 straight hours (with a smile on your face too of course) Mission Accomplished; well done..☺/

    We Look forwards to your next expedition!!!

    Ciao ciao...☺/