Saturday, April 9, 2011

Skype Race.

WOW, so i seem to be very hard working lately with my blog. haha!
One post every day! I hope i'm not flooding you guys with Lukianess.

So today i was webcaming with my sister in London after a long day.
We both just got home and my sister said, "Can i be right back 'cause i wanna go toilet and take a shower first."
I replied her with, "Yeah! Me too! I need to take a poo, remove make up and take a nice shower! Let's Race!" - I just love bombing people the un-expected details Lmao!

And then, The Race was on.

I ended up winning and when i came back saw some fat totoro sitting in her seat. Probably because she saw the Chibi Marukochan in my seat i put there just before i went into the bathroom. haha! - just had to print screen it.

I know...... we Wang Sisters are random and weird at the same time.


  1. Indeed bombing with details here. =D

    It's even more hilarious to read when there is the song 'Papaya Mango' playing at the same time. Is it on purpose?


    3:07AM already.. = = Good night! :D

  2. lol
    PS Your chair looks comfortable.

  3. Yeah, you tend to shock people with details sometimes. First time I talked to you was no different...but I won't go into Didn't know you still used Skype...

  4. lol you guys are so cute!! where did u get that Marukochan? That is freaking cute!!!

  5. No, no, I had my books in Lukian-proof bags, they're safe. The more Lukian the better!

    Eww, sick, take a poo... oo! April 13th, no make up day, yay! Did you save time by not wiping because you knew the shower was coming? LOL, gross. *vomits* Mm, shower.

    Totoro has a crush on Maruko. <3

    You're both weird but Lukian is funnier. Just saying.

  6. ADD me up in skype NAME: LZSketch

    my moogle or domo is waiting 2 join the rumdomness ^^

  7. i wanna see yr sister :) i bet she's pretty like u too

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