Thursday, February 7, 2013

If you like Chicken Wings...

Toriyoshi, If you're a chicken wings fan this is the place to go!
Famous and popular for its chicken specialties such as fried chicken wings and half a fried chicken.
Of course they don't just do chicken wings, their menu lists a variety of Japanese and Asian pub fare as well, including salads, yakitori and tofu.
But for this blog, just the chicken wings.

So anyway, really just came here for their famous chicken wings which were scrumptious!
It's not those big juicy wings which you'd get full after 4-5 pieces but it's those super crunchy, little meat and basically can eat 10-20 of them while having a good beer or sake.

The chicken wings comes in different spices, though theres no real difference between spicy and not spicy.
But anyway! Take it from a chicken wing lover, It's addictive!

3-18-16 Minami Aoyama,
Tokyo, Japan

If you have trouble finding it, it is right behind exit A4 of Omotesando station.


  1. I used to like nibbling deep fried wings, dipped in a nice spicy sweet sauce or course. KFC is of course universal & has been for decades now, but there are millions more wing outlets around the world, that being one of the better ones.

    Have you ever tried the American Buffalo Wings? When I lived/worked in Madrid for few years, a few of us, including mainly American expats, used to go to one place in particular, very close to Plaza de España, where those wings were massive!!!!!! B|