Saturday, February 16, 2013

Birds of Gold?

Todays introduction is by my friend Jinki who kindly recommended to me and my friend Shino a Chicken Fillet joint 金のとりから (Kinnotorikara) a finger food joint that will surely take away your money, accidentally? haha.

The chicken on it's own tastes real soft and since it's freshly made right after you order it its tongue burning nice and hot! It's not dry so i was glad of that.

I tried to mix and match the selection of sauces provided, i used the bukkake mayonnaise and added some sprinkles of cheese powder on it!, their original spice! Tasted actually pretty fucking good! Haha.

Trust me! you got to try all the different sauces and take your time in finding your best combination hehe! But anyway they all taste good!

The Chicken is in a long stick shape which would be super great food to walk around and eat i would imagine. But me and Shino has already spent the day wondering around and outside was too cold so we just spent some time raiding the sauce counter and taking photos haha.

If you ever get peckish after some shopping i highly recommend you try this place out! They have many chained stores so it isn't difficult to find.


  1. I know that place, and I too do like those finger-lickin-chikin joints, in UK & France, those are called 'Goujons' or Gooo+Zhonns, and are extremely popular, weel they were back in the day, but it seems that this outfit has revived some interest in them. I personally prefer the Goujons of fish, Plaice for example is mouth watering, or Goujons of Dover Soul, even better, but any fish will do, but still I do like the chicken ones too, and as you say, on a cold evening after shopping for hours, they are a nice quick treat, especially with those tasty sauces that you mention, I like cocktail sauces, even the spicy ones. Gosh, all this talk of food has made me feel decidedly hungry, so I'm now gonna go into the kitchen, here in my nice little house in Stanley, HK, and cook me up some Red Salmon Fish cakes that I have frozen from last week. With that I'm gonna make some Waldorf Salad, well at least my version of it, with Walnuts, Sultana's, chopped Apples, Pine Nuts/Kernels, and of course the magic ingredient, Mayonnaise, and just a little hit of Vinaigrette which has been made with Dijon Mustard, to give my salad a little bit of a kick, but not enough to blow your ears off, and with that I'll make a small batch of Potato salad with chopped Chives in it. Yummy, I can't wait to eat. I'm eating late bcoz I got back late today, so a bit tired.

    Anyways, good to hear & see that you are clearly better now, and back to your normal nibbling, so go on girl, nibble, nibble, nibble, enjoy!!!!!

    . . . .\☺/

  2. YUM :}