Tuesday, February 5, 2013

de Joel Robuchon.

Alright so this blog was a little depressing for myself when i was uploading the photos since i'm writing about the day i went to de Joel Robuchon Tokyo right after i've had an oral surgery and i'm currently only able to eat semi-liquid foods. Anyway! I will write about that another day, so for now back to the yummy stuff.

I had dinner here the other day, and it was fantastic!! Me and my friends had the March course for lunch which included truffles, fois gras, etc. I had the fois gras risotto, and everything else was very great! I was told that if i haven't tried de Joel Robuchon in Paris then my next choice would be the one in Tokyo. Being told we were to be eating here i thought OH MY GOD, how much would i be spending? But as you can see from the menu it was rather well priced!

Daikon creamy soup served with Calland duck leg confit.

Salmon tartare.

de Joel Robuchon cold cut ham

Braised beef cheek served with shungiku coulis flavored with mustard.

Pan Fried duck liver and parmesan cheese risotto

Dark Chocolate ganache served with cocoa sherbet and bitter biscuit powder

Finally at the end of it all some good selection of smelly cheese. NOM NOM NOM!

It's set in a very casual atmosphere, but the quality of food and service is top notch. Definitely would like to go again but next time i would want to sit at the counter since it’s an open kitchen with everything centered and all the chefs cook there. You'll face the kitchen while you eat so it's very entertaining having the chefs cooking right front of you. De Joel Robuchon, I'll be back!

De Joel Robuchon
6-10-1 Roppongi
Tokyo Prefecture 106-0032


  1. Wonderful, in a word! I particularly like the cheese board, but I would have L♥ved to have had some super tasty little Mushroom delights, especially the Italian ones mixed with separate dishes of the Japanese ones too, I adore both Italian and Japanese Mushroom varieties so much, I cook them all the time, in a wide variety of ways. Still this dinner treat looks like it definitely made your day, so that's a bonus! ☺/

  2. Look amazing! Jeng doh bao. ^_~

  3. Delicious! lovely blog! xx http://kyandiicandy.blogspot.nl/