Friday, February 22, 2013

The CLASSIC shabu shabu.

Seryna (since 1961), recommended as a good place to entertain important clients. Being brought here today i guess it makes me feel special haha! And Seryna Ginza defiantly would not be able to disappoint anyone!
Famous for their Crab and Beef, shabu shabu and sukiyaki they were all ordered. It was Minus degrees in Tokyo today so points defiantly doubled to come here.

The house specialty, horsehair crab. As you know i do not eat shellfish but just by the looks of how fresh the crab legs were i wished i wasn't allergic. I watched my friends cook and eat the crab without hesitation with the words "OISHII" coming out repeatedly after each bite. My friend then told me "I have yet to find a place that serves such delicious crab in Tokyo." Damn. I defiantly should try it even though i'll suffer afterwards haha.

Since i couldn't eat the crab, beef was the other choice. We ordered the best beef they had, Kobe beef. It's definatly not my first exposure to kobe beef so i thought, "what's the big deal? Especially, when boiled in the shabu shabu manner." After i tried the Kobe beef here i wondered to myself, WHAT THE FUCK WAS I BEING SERVED BEFORE?!
Once cooked, i dipped it into the sauces provided and once it hit my tongue it fucking disappeared! Like butter! Just like my super fatty toro experience but, this was beef!? I mean, just look at the photo! The fragments of fat and beef are so well balanced and the colour looks beautiful! Oh god, i was over the world. I had the biggest food coma after that once slice of kobe beef, i just sat there thinking, "what the fuck just happened?!" I tried another slice, dammit! Same thing happened, i wasn't dreaming at all! I ended up ordering another round of kobe beef haha.
Seriously, if you like shabu shabu and you like beef. No other place in my dictionary anymore.

Just as i thought i was getting full a wonderful old lady dressed in Kimono came to serve and ask how we were all doing and insisted for me to try her cooking. I was in no condition to pass on that haha! Apparently she's been working in Seryna for over 30 years. She cooked some udon into our soup base with her "secret ingredient" and i must say. It was very delicious.
We were having a big Shabu feast and she asked if we still has space to try the sukiyaki. Okay, i'm a pig who doesn't know when to say no to food and since the others were also up for it too i said, ALRIGHT LETS DO IT! We already tried the fantastic Kobe beef, so she recommended us to try Tenderloin for sukiyaki and she will personally cook for us because she can do it perfectly with her secret teriyaki mixture. Secret again? Okay! "Surprise me!" I thought. Whip me off my feet! ......and she did.

I must say, if i had the choice of Kobe beef and Tenderloin back home i'd always go for Kobe beef no matter what because i'm often disappointed with Tenderloin. I realize now it's not Tenderloin's problem, because the sukiyaki tenderloin here was also very soft and extremely juicy. Back home and in Japan the beef price is similar but quality wise, i really cannot compare. The beef here wins for sure.

Overall for Seryna, Expensive? Yes. Decor? It's alright. Service? Excellent. Food? 200% Delicious and well presented. I will defiantly be back every-time i visit Japan and that's a promise. It's definaly going to take some getting used to when i get back home now that i've tried Seryna's beef.

Tokyo,Japan 106-0032


  1. Well, blow me, not to forget to mention ""Holy-Mexican-Jumping-Beans-Batman"" I mean like, frell, frell, and double frell, not to mention !!!Kinnell!!!

    Seeing/and reading this is seriously making me not only feel unusually hungry, but is really making me want to fly over to Seryna's place this very weekend.

    Goog Lord, that Kobe Beef looks like the business, I mean the "Beeeeez Kneeeeez" not to forget to mention all the other tasty mouth watering goodies, but yes, I think you are absolutely right-on-the-money when it comes to describing your experience with that on this particular trip. Although I have to admit that I have not been a red meat eater at all in ages, many years in fact, only on rare special event kinda occasions while in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Bilbao, and other places in Spain, etc, but normally I'm strictly a Smoked Salmon Connoisseur, not really into shellfish anymore, just seem to like Salmon all the time now, grilled, poached, wrapped in Filo pastry, in a pie, all that jazz, but I started going off of red meat back in the 80's - and then I did go off of it altogether, just an occasional Lamb Kebab while away is about all these days, or some Italian Parma Ham when in London, or some famous Spanish Serrano Ham when in Spain, usually just as an Hors d'oeuvre or a starter in English, but if I ever eat prawns, they have to be 100% cleaned and ready to eat, I seriously hate having to handle them and strip them out while sitting at a table, Cannot and WILL NOT tolerate that, which is exactly why I much prefer the Italian Risotto instead of the Spanish Pa'ella, because the Risotto has them cleaned and properly cooked and added to the rice dish, unlike the Pa'ella, which to me tastes crappy anyway. However, I am digressing again, so I'll move on.

    Good to see that you found such a marvellous place this time, and I hope we get to bump into each other there sometime in the near future. It is a guarantee that I am gonna be there before much longer, and I'm gonna break my red meat fast with some plates of Kobe beef too! Ciao ciao, and "OISHII". . . \☺/

  2. Yummy! All those delicious food! Yeah, I'm allergic to seafood so can't eat crab either (sigh...).

    BTW: I believe you mean "definitely" (without doubt) and not "defiantly" (rebelliously)?