Sunday, February 24, 2013

Miss Golden Treasure Chest.

It's coming to the end of the Chinese New Year and this year i spent it fully in Macau dressed up in Gold and... GOLD! lol

The dress was extremely heavy and even lighted up, super cute right?
The problem was the amount of people who wanted to touch the coins and gold blocks on my dress. - It's a luck thing, The chinese think that touching gold would bring them luck. Parents even told their kids to give me a hug or a kiss because it would bring them good wealth and luck. One mother even told her son (looked around 6 years old) to give me hug and hopefully his future wife would be as beautiful as i was. I was so embarrassed........

Thinking about it, Lukian does mean "bringer of light" and my chinese name means "The Kings Precious". I guess i'm a pretty good person for the job during the New Year haha!

I didn't have it as bad at my friend dressed as the chinese candy box. It was so heavy i couldn't even carry her dress off the table. What made it funnier was that everyone kept trying to open up her skirt to see what's inside. Haha! She was literally drumming her dress shut.

It's the first time for me to be away from my family for the whole of the New Year but i guess it is also can be seen as a great start for the Year of the snake to be earning lots of cash haha! Bad thing is, it's Macau, basically the chinese Vegas. LOL Lucky i don't itch for gambling, otherwise i'm fucked! LOL

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  1. Awh you look adorable! Why did you get embarassed when the mother told her son to hug you so his future wife will be as beautiful as you are? (What a mouthful lool) You must get compliments like that all the time! Sigh, the problems of being a leng lui huh? ^_~