Monday, March 11, 2013

The Chinese Udon Monster with bling nails.

Blehhhh~~ Chinese ghost alert! haha, Chinese food ghost more like. Starved and in progress of a photo shoot. It's so typical for people to think models don't eat. I'm sorry, i frigging eat, can't work with an empty stomach. Hehe.

Alright, that was until i remembered i was going to be stripped, then i was like "GAHHHHH why does this always happen to me?!". It's like i'm Usagi from Sailormoon or Miaka from Fushigi yuugi - Once faced with food i forget where the hell i am... D:

Today nails where super bling'd up again. This time with Gems and golden accessories. I really don't see the use of such bling nails other than the fact that, they are very pretty and someone was seriously had lot's of patience to do something so artistic and delicate. Just bad luck it's on someone like me who will probably destroy them when i wash my hair tonight or something haha.

Just kidding, i will do my best to preserve them as long as possible. Afteral, most girls like pretty things and... apparently if you get these nails done outside it will cost a bomb! D: I'm not touching anything for a while lol.

I really do like the hair and make up in this shoot, can't wait to see the final outcome hehe.

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  1. ♫Rings on her fingers ♫ and bells on her toes ♫ She will eat Noodles wherever she goes ♫

    That's the way to do it Bobo, I always say, if you're gonna eat good food, ya gotta do it with style, with class, never do things by half, always think big, and go gett'em, eat like a hungry Lioness, then show'em what ya can do!!!!!!!!

    Ciao ciao. . . \☺/