Monday, February 18, 2013

Long time no Purikura.

The thing about meeting an old friend in Japan is, it makes you somehow desperately to have that photo memory, so we headed to the nearest Purikura stop (sticker photos).
Its been years since i have taken them, especially in Japan and BOY! had it changed. I don't remember purikura being this funny. You'll see why...
So the first thing i see before going into the Purikura arcade were these signs!!

And i remember just bursting out with laughter.
Purikura Arcades now have rules!!! No man is allowed to enter the arcade without a female companion and you may not enter the arcade if you're drunk. LOL!!! They seriously exaggerate it too!!! Look at the patterned repeat of posters!
Other than that something else that's new: you can also rent cosplay costumes inside the arcade to take puripuri. Now that i found pretty cool!

And that's STILL not the end of it! Purikura machines now have a new feature: They have an auto eye enlargement effect and a Slim face effect selection!
Not knowing what to pick me and my friend just decided to go for the "Recommended" settings and BOY did we regret it...LOL

The big eye effect made me look like an animation character and was too OVER THE TOP in some of the photos. What made it funnier was that Jinki was with us and for girls, we can just say "It's over the top" or "Look like an anime character" but when these settings are done to a guy.................IT LOOKS FUCKING FREAKY AS SHIT!
Now that's when we cried from laughter looking at Jinki's eyes in every pic, It didnt look like him at all and so... feminine.... hahahaa!

So anyway, today ended with tummy aches and watery eyes from laughter. It defiantly has been a long time since i've laughed so hard and i laugh hard all the time because i'm so easily amused. Oh i miss them both already.


  1. Oh my!!! And WoWzaz!! What a blog, I'd L♥ve to comment, but right now I'm rushing to get out, so maybe in few hours time I will. Ciao ciao for now. . . ☺/

  2. Looks and sounds like a whole lotta fun, fun, fun!!!!! \☺/

  3. Puikura is so fun! Love how it makes your skin so glowy and glossy. I did in London Chinatown the other day though, £12!! Seriously wth. ><