Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reduced fat & my bad? habits.

Must remember, LOL just because it says reduced fat doesn't mean it's okay to eat.....Arhh what the heck! xD
Today was a black and white shoot, the make up's focus were exaggerated thick brows. Luckily, my brows are already pretty thick, i guess it's less work for the make up Artist haha.

One thing about me, i tend to eat a lot during work - of course depends on the type of work, but if theres a chance, i'd take it! haha, especially photo shoots, most of them take at least a couple hours so i would always bring along with me my snack bag - A bag full of the most dangerous, most unhealthy..... basically foods that would kill ya.
There is also always a packet of candy or cookie in my handbag. Now that i live in the countryside, it's a much bigger MUST! Traveling into the city takes forever - My PSvita and snacks become my best friend - they keep me sane haha!

Anyway back to the shoot, had a great day, lots of chatting , super relaxed and lot's of munching involved! nom nom lol, then i remembered, i had to be topless... D:


  1. Well, you do need some pretty good calories when you're working, so why not enjoy them as you do, nom-nom-nom-munch-munch-munch...good for you..\☺/

    Dhuh!!What? Did you just say topless? Yikes, lucky for you it's not winter yet, can you imagine!

  2. Topless?!?.. Are you shooting for Playboy?..kekek..=P

  3. lukian...topless?


  4. Just wondering. Sometimes you show toast in your meals. Do you put anything on them, such as butter, jam or syrup?