Sunday, September 2, 2012

Long nails, Guitars and the BLING.

Finally being all recovered i can resume to my normal busy schedule. Not working for a whole week i think has made me really lazy. I mean, i do enjoy the sleeping late, no make up, the daily cooking and the non-stop video gaming and home movies but too much of it makes these things - the things that you look forward to on the holidays become, boring? It's like when you have a favorite food, you shouldn't eat it too often otherwise you'd get sick of it. That's why a holiday is called a holiday if you understand what i mean.

Today i was doing a photoshoot with super glamorous bling'd up nails. I don't really remember when i last had my nails done up so "exaggeratedly" is that a word? Exaggeratedly? Anyway, i think i must have been around sixteen or younger and when fake & well decorated nails where THE THING for young girls. Okay, let me tell you something which will probably piss a lot of you guys off or would think i'm stupid. When i was very young i played the guitar, i wasn't great but i guess knowing the cords for a couple of songs i liked considered me good. (No, i wasn't, 'cause they were the only things i could play haha!) But anyway, that was back in the day when i wasn't pretty and was a short hair'd tomboy with thick glasses. Hmm, i can tell this is going to drag, BASICALLY, i betrayed my guitar for nails. As you know you can't play the guitar with long nails and, i was trying to get out of that geek look. - Of course, this was before when GEEKS and NERDS weren't cool! Now that i'm older and learnt that we totally rule, i can be myself and not give a shit.

So, i would spend ours when i was younger doing my nails(before i could afford to be lazy and get it done for me), i was really good at it! I must do a post showing some of them one day, i was even featured once in a magazine teaching people how to design their nails! Yays! I had all the equipment and i even did nail piercings. Seriously over the top but it was cool back then. So why did i stop? because it wasn't convenient with my career. Ends up now - they not convenient or practical with anything to me! Before i couldn't do anything without them but now after i got them done for this shoot, i couldn't do jack shit! LOL. People had to help dress me, they had to do everything for me today haha! They look so beautiful! But i guess i'm just not used to them anymore.


  1. Sounds like a life lesson learnt well, were all beautiful to someone as well as all ugly to someone else, the law of relativity. However as a pride man I can say i wasn't angered by your post but only confided in the fact that we all learn and share as we grow into the wonderful and confident ppl we are today.

  2. Can you do anything about my nails.....

    Jeepers, you think you've got problems! I was once-upon-a-time a fit Martial Artist...(although I don't like that kind of description at all) but however, I was capable of a lot of tings in my youth, and that kind of stuff I had bags of under my belt. Now, in 2012 and for the past too many years, I am barely able to bend my back or walk up more than one flight of stairs, and I find regular house chores too demanding. The thing is, in life, shit happens, and we all change in many different ways, I used to be a great swimmer, now I couldn't even tread water for 60 seconds, let alone swim, haven't swam in almost 30 years, so what am I gonna do, kill myself? lose my mind or something? no, I just gotta accept that things in my life have changed and I must learn to change with them, as must you, I'd love to Ice skate again, go climbing, Diving, all those things I used to do, but I can't, ever again, I'm 53 & can't do what I did even 20 years ago, but I have to get with the program of the day, and do what I can as I am now, use what skills I have picked up along the way, and you must do the same, use what you have now, before you too lose the ability to some of the things that you now take for granted, and don't worry about it, we all have to accept losing things as we go along, but you can look forwards to picking up other satisfying skills along the way, I certainly did, so I can't run, dance, swim, dive, climb or fight off the bullies anymore, I just have to accept that, and hope & pray that God will help me out a little now & then, and that's how you should look at it, as you say, you can just be yourself and not give a shit about too much. It'd be great if I could still play guitar properly, but I can't, what can I tell ya. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Just be yourself Lukian, & you'll be fine...☺/

    ""You can only be yourself, but you can be really good at it"" Frank Sinatra

    ""It's not where you start that counts, it's where you finish that matters"" Zig Ziglar.

  3. You have to post a photo of yourself with a short-hair Tomboy style wig, wearing some thick glasses and pretending to play a guitar. I can't picture you having that geeky look!