Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welcome Home...

Such a good shot!! You can see the London-Eye!!!! I'm too good lol...
I can't believe it. It's been 2 years and a half since i went back to London.
I took an early morning flight back to London, so my whole trip was bright and it i would help in my jet lag. Just taking naps now and then in the 12 hour flight was alright, but what made it annoying was that the lady at the back stuck her foot in between the gap of the stairs in front, so basically her foot was leaning and sticking out on my arm rest. She had her shoes on, but still it was really annoying and rather... rude. I didn't say anything but i did use my elbow to push her back out - indicating that i needed that space. But a few hours later she did it again, but on the other side! This time, she took off her shoes and had her purple sock which had a huge hole in it. Now that, was disgusting.

Anyway, besides that the flight was nice and steady. I know i fly very often but still, i am just terrified of flying and i just wish to get off the plane as soon as possible. The Captain soon told us we will be landing now, but it seriously took the piss. I mean just look at this!

Anyway, so we finally landed and my sister was there to pick me up from the Airport. Yay! Once i got back to her place we headed right out again to do some food shopping and for dinner.

For those on my Facebook would have already seen this photo, but i'll post it up again anyway haha! Ass-shot.


  1. Wtf rude lady >_>" I hate when people do that. Or when they push their knees into the back of your seat. So annoying -__-" *slaps manner-less passengers*
    Damn, I wish I had your legs : /

  2. Sometimes you get the most annoying people on a flight! One time I got this guy who would not stop sniffing every few seconds for two whole hours non stop! I was in good shape going, e.g. no viruses, nothing at all, but just after I arrived, I felt odd, dizzy, I went to bed, the next day I was hit by a massive Flu (that was his). But yeah, some people are just a real pain with the things that they do, I can't stand it if someone keeps yapping for hours & hours, it drives me nuts!!!!!

    That photo of London, I got the exact same one, I see that each time I fly back from Spain to London-Stansted Airport, I've even flown right over the top of Heathrow a couple of times!!!

    Well, I'm not exactly a big fan of flying too much, but I do it anyway, but I have suffered from DVT from too much flying, it was very bad, I had it bad in my legs for a few years, but I don't think your flying is too excessive, but on long haul for those 12+ hour flights, DVT is a real possibility/danger for many, I hate sitting still for hours, I have to move/walk, and everybody who fly's a lot should do so too!

    DVT is Deep Vein Thrombosis, you get it from too much sitting at home and/or too many long haul flights per year! You have to stimulate blood flow in the legs, increase circulation, it may not prevent it altogether, but it will be better than just sitting motionless!!!

    Somebody once took off her shoes & socks & put her foot right up alongside me while she slept in the seat behind mine, and it was stinking like soured/gone-off cottage cheese, I was damned annoyed I can tell you..\*~*/

    Oh well, on with the show I guess! Have Fun!!


  3. Oh wow, that was really rude.. i have never had that happen to me.. only people kicking the back of my chair or have them push their chair right back into me so they can sleep.

    Ahh, you have really nice curves .. and legs D:
    *jelly* haha, you're sister is awesome & funny for taking an ass shot xDD

  4. So, that's London... oooo ahhh. Awesome.

    LOL, shoes on or off, disgusting! Lukian, I just saw a picture of your beautiful right elbow, your elbow does not need to be touching a foot like that, her foot should not even be at the same elevation as your elbow! If it were me, I'd probably have poured cold water on her foot. On the other side I think she just wanted to feel your other lovely elbow, this time without interference from the shoe along with an emergency sock hole for such an occasion, as to not be deprived of some pleasure, PERVERT!

    I didn't know your sister did requests for you! :D Buns and melons in the same section, my kind of market. :] Tropical fruit like it hot. The forbidden fruit... is the tastiest.