Monday, August 1, 2011

Need a good old British Pub!

Something else that i really miss about London are the British Pubs.
I remember back then i would always love to grab a good beer while having pub food.

Just for those who are not familiar with Pubs, Pubs are culturally different from places like Cafes or Bars. I remember one day when i said, "I'm meeting my friends at a Pub" and this idiot replied, "you mean a Bar." IT'S 2 DIFFERENT THINGS! URGH!
Anyway, I really craved for some Pub food, but i was thinking to myself, WHere the hell would i find that in Hong Kong!? SOHO!? …and there it was!! There was a British Pub! Soho isn’t exactly short of spots that serve up British-style pub food, but then i found Yorkshire Pudding.

Okay i lied, i didn't just hit into this place. I don't go Central often to party so it would be quite difficult for me to find this place myself. I came across a British man one who does Business in Hong Kong with a friend of mine. So of course since we are both from London the typical topic of, "What do you miss most about UK?" Came up and wow, our list was rather long haha, then i mentioned how i'd love to have some pub food and he introduced me to this place. I googled it when i got home and booked it for me and another home sick British friend living in HK.
I was so worried i wasn't going to be able to find it. While walking up Soho, BAM! A big red Building with the London Underground Sign! Next Station? Yorkshire Pudding!!!

We got there 30mins before our reserved time(i was so worried i was going to get lost haha!) So me and my friend decided to sit by the Bar. The Beer they served were all British too. The dining area and the drinking area was separate. When i made the reservation i told the man on the phone to give me a more private/comfortable table but i didn't expect them to give me the BEST table! It was great!!! It was the only table in the Pub with a View and huge red Leather armchairs. It made me feel right at home back in Kingston where i'd sit indoors but have the big sliding doors wide open. It was perfect!!

Okay, so me and my friend decided to Ordered shit load of food but i'll only focus on a few. Yorkshire Pudding, Shepard's Pie and The Fish and Chips.

The Yorkshire Pudding was nice and Crunchy but i must say, the gravy was a little more sour compared to the gravy back in UK. But i guess i was too excited about everything to care about it then.

The Shepard's pie was the must disappointing for me. Maybe i was too excited and had my hopes too high. I don't really know how to explain it but it seemed more like Cottage Pie to me lol! Need to know what kind of meat i'm putting into my mouth. Cottage Pie is often made out of Minced Beef so the texture is more rough and slightly more dry while Shepherds (SHEEP)Pie is technically made only from Minced Lamb. I prefer Shepard's pie because it was often more juicy and saucy and the meat somehow was very soft and smooth. But hey, maybe it was a mincing issue or the lamb in Hong Kong is more rough. I don't know, i was just really upset. - didn't even bother taking a picture, LOL!!

The biggest highlight though that made me SPARKLE was the Fish and Chips! The presentation was very cute too! It wasn't one big piece of Cod but 3 medium sized ones so it was great for sharing. The first bite was just blew my head away. Yes, i had another food Coma! The Cod literally melted on my tongue! It disappeared! It was so soft, it just sided right down my throat! So juicy, I didn't even need the tar tar sauce!

I seriously never expected to eat such a delicious Fish and Chips in Hong Kong.

Yorkshire Pudding
6-8 Staunton Street, SOHO, Central, HK.
(+852)2536 9968


  1. I haven't travel to HK :(
    Hope I can travel to HK one day :)

  2. Sounds perfect, just the thing for any homesick Brits in HK who are pining for something familiar, although I still maintain that the best Fish & Chips (Cod and Chips) in the whole wide world can only be found in a real London Chip Shop, ans mt local is the one right opposite the huge Police station at Paddington Green on Edgware Road, I've never had better Chips than from that place anywhere else.
    However, I digress, so, good to hear you found a little piece of Great Britain at last.

    Hope you will frequent it more often.

    TTFN = Ta-Taaa-for-now
    Ciao ciao...☺/

  3. It's nice to find a little piece of where you came from anywhere Lukian. Nice to see you having a nice time.