Saturday, September 3, 2011

Moving men and Bakes.

Hurray!!!! An actual day out in London! I acted like a tourist! Taking pictures of taxis, buildings and almost everything I thought was of the slightest amusing.

I came across those statue people, you know? Those performers that can pose in one position for hours without moving with heavy make up making you think, Rock or Human? I love 'em! Oh and, they were rather playful hehe.

Oh and something else to tick off the list of 'To Do's in London - I had Greggs. How good is Greggs? For those who have no idea what I am talking about, Greggs is a pastry/pie shop in London.

Very cheap and the best bakes I have ever had! I remember back in College i used to grab the beans and sausage bake for breakfast. I am not too much of a Beef person but i must say my favorite is still the Steak Bake - Prime beef in a rich gravy wrapped in golden puff pastry. mmm.... in love.

Greggs is immense, sausage roll is immense etc etc, can go on forever here! Nom nom nom. Get the point yet?


  1. I remember you eating steak bake in a video a long time ago : D Haha!

  2. You seem to have enjoyed your stay as a "tourist" :-)

    Talking about pastries I have a question for the experts in this field: A long time ago [in a galaxy far, far away....] in a small town near Hastings I ate a type of cupcake with a citrus marmalade filling. There was chunky apple sauce filling, too, if I remember it right.

    What's the name of these cupcakes. Can't find any information about it online.

  3. Those statue people aren't special. We have them here in San Francisco Pier39 and Las Vegas Fremont Street.

  4. It must have felt good to get back to a branch of Greggs again, as well as visiting Tesco. Often it's these small things in life that have more going for them than some of the bigger thrills that there are. I always miss the traditional Fish 'n' Chips from the local Chip shop (or Chippy) as their chips are always fresh cut & deep fried, they are not made from frozen chips or fries, like in so many other places, and that is why London Chips taste so different and so good in comparison to any other place around the world, London Fish 'n' Chips are the Biz...☺/