Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Ewww.. terrible photo....Anyway! Saturday evening and originally i was planning to go somewhere new for "American Food" so i tired this place out that was listed under "American" - Ends up it was more like Western Fusion instead.

There was also a wild range of salads which sounded rather attractive. I had the Salad Diane, which was very light, yet nothing special. It was a bit like the salad that you get with Donner Kababs. LOL. The highlight of todays dinner was surprisingly the first thing we ate - The Portabello Fries, which was thin slices of mushroom "tempura'd" with a black truffle cream dip. It was magic!

Parma Ham and Melon Flat bread - Okay, so here's the dish i was a little confused on. Firstly this dish was huge! It was like a main dish yet it was placed between Appetizers and Salads. I would not recommend this dish if there's only 2 of you, it looked more like something 4 people would have as a starter, but anyway, that's just the portion. The melon and Parma ham was very thinly sliced, yet the Melon tasted overly strong and sweet for such a thin juiceless slice. - It almost seemed they put melon syrup to make the taste of the melon stronger. At the same time, it did taste rather different - in a good way.

As the main dish i chose the Carbonara. Again, nicely presented. Unfortunately, the heat from the dish ruined the garlic bread’s fresh crispiness a bit. The serving was definitely large, but i found the sauce coating the spaghetti a bit dry, but soon discovered that much of the sauce had accumulated at the bottom. I therefore proceeded to fervently scoop for the al dente strands further down on the floor of the dish (that’s right – al dente). The cheese on top was actually not that necessary as the creamy sauce was already sufficiently rich. There were also copious pieces of meaty bacon, yet I couldn’t help wishing there were also some crunchy, smokey bits of bacon as well.

The atmosphere was rather "Honky" if you get what i mean with several large groups of young people, who were rather...ummmm....loud. Ambience was bright and cheerful; lots of light wood in the decor. But all the surfaces are hard and the ceiling low (of course, this is HK), so the noise level was uncomfortably high. All in all, i would go back again, particularly for the Portabello Fries.

Applegreen. (+852) 2312 2488
4/F, Carnarvon Plaza,
20-20C Carnavon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.


  1. The Mushroom thingy, awesome, L♥ve it, can taste it right now, will make some this weekend. Magic...☺/

    The melon & Ham with the Italian bread (or, Prosciutto e Melone e Pan Italiano) Nedd I say more...Magic....☺/ and

    The Carbonara, speaks for itself, and again, magic stuff (if/and when done properly)...☺/

    The Salad, hmmm!? well, a garnish perhaps, but to me that's not a Salad, for that you need to visit the country itself...☺/

    Glad you had a good time though.

    Ciao bella.....☺/

  2. Nomnomnomnom! *_* and you look gorgeous as well! I love your food posts!