Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Solitaire AUG/SEP.

The newest Issue of Solitaire is out and it's my second print appearance for Christelle.
I've been at the Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair for the past few days with them too! - A lot of Ruby this year which means it's my luck! Did you know Ruby is the gemstone of Leo? :P

This was the Cover of the Issue.

Hope you like it. Let me know what you think :)


  1. Gorgeous! I'd buy the magazine if it was available here :)

  2. That's pretty cool, I like the Ruby too, it's a very Important gem in the world of electronics too,Emeralds are nice, Sapphires even nicer, as I prefer the strong deep Blue, Diamonds kinda speak for themselves, and said to be forever and a girls best friend, but the Ruby? Well, let me put it this way; I brought an extremely high quality blanket last year in January/winter 2010,and have had it for two winters now, because I got so fed-up with the bloody endless poxy Duvet's ~ which I found to be way too hot and therefore dangerous, but this blanket is a rich deep Ruby Red, I saw it on the stand/counter/display and in an instant I said give me that blanket, Immediately, and hurry up!!!
    There was no argument about it, I had to have it, and it has kept me comfortable ever since, the Rich Ruby Red Thick Velvet blanket is the best winter blanket that I have ever had, and it simply could not be any other color, I've tried them all, and the other colors just don't work the same as the Royal Ruby Red, even my neighbors visiting Lady Cat fell in Love with it in an instant and rolled herself around on it purring wildly before snuggling down for an hour long snooze, she just adored my new blanket so much!!!

    Yeah, the ruby really is a very Important gem, I like to have wrist watches that contain many Ruby's in them, it also reminds of the very sweet rich Ruby Red Wines that I know well in Spain & Portugal.

    It's also a great color for a Lipstick!!!

    Treat yourself to some Ruby earrings and a matching pendant for Christmas!!!

    Why not try some sweet Ruby wine this weekend!


  3. You look wonderful! On and off print.

    >Did you know Ruby is the gemstone of Leo? :P

    No, not really. But did you know that the first working laser was a ruby laser... :)

  4. thats soi cool!

    tzeyien89.blogspot.com xxx

  5. I think you lost some weight. You still look good though. :) Any recommendation where I can get that magazine issue without subscribing for a whole year? Not that I don't mind...if you're in it the whole year.