Friday, September 30, 2011

My Hair.

It's actually the first time i've had a shoot focused on my hair. I've done a lot of hair modeling in the past where i've had my hair from my Natural pitch black bleached to Blond, then ginger, light brown, chestnut, dark brown and now, back to my original black. And it all started when i was 15 - My mother mentioned how my hair was getting "boring" and convinced me to "change" and after getting called a "chicken" by my elder sister i ended up getting highlights. Just kidding, she didn't call me a chicken, but it sounded like she was. From then on i just thought to myself "oh well, i've already damaged my hair, might as well." Got to try these things while you're young i guess, but it was also because of this thought that my hair became so damaged - Plus my work doesn't help much either with all the tongs and curling irons.

Anyway, my hair is slowly healing up well over time. (with help from my Sponsor Alex! God i love him!)
Hope you guys like the photos and Let me know what you think! :)


  1. Your hair looks amazing but I wasn't looking at your hair in the first place. :)

  2. You look so different in the above pics!

  3. Looks a little like a mug shot Lukian, you would make a hot convict.

  4. Definitely better than Hikki, just a light touch of Ruby Lipstick I think and then you're ready to Rock & Roll (as in Party)...☺/

    I actually keep my hair dyed Jet Black, every weekend without fail, as I hate white or silver or grey hair, as to me that is the representation of death and decay, and having given up the ghost. No, for me, the hair color must be maintained, just as ones Life must be maintained, e.g. healthy and young!!!

    I'm glad to see you are still looking nice and young, yet mature & Intelligent.

    Well done...☺/

  5. I love the shininess and the thickness. It looks good long or short. I remember your blonde hair, ha, that was cute, fun. Your hair looks great and black.

    You look different in these pictures, I had to do a triple take. lol

  6. Hi there, first time to write you a message!
    Just wanna say you looks so fresh, charming and natural beauty. You simply looks a lot different from those day as "spring roll" @TVB shows (I was amazed that it was you from your photo album in fb cos I can't recognized you from the past!)

  7. I love your hair without bang.XD But you also look pretty with bangs! And I LOVE this picture!