Sunday, September 4, 2011

Believe it or Not?

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is the London attraction museum sure to excite, delight and thrill the whole family. It opened just after i left London so i've never been. I asked my friends who have been what they thought of it and they said, "It's good for a first timer and if you're interested in the Guinness World Records stuff, then you'll like this." It so happens, I am. Besides! I'm easily amused.

But before heading there i had a wonderful Lunch at All Bar One in Leicester Square. As you can see, Fish and Chips and Sausage with mash! The Typical British food! The Cod was delightfully crispy on the outside, yet soft and juicy within. The mash was very rich and buttery it was like i was making love with my food and not eating it, "uhhh....mmm.....mmmm....."

So what is there to see in at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum, well i don't want to spoil it for you guys because i think its the experience of finding out yourself that's the best, but still here are a couple of spoilers. One of the pieces of work i found amazing was the One Pence picture. Unlike most portraits created from paint, this one is made using penny coins, 2500 of them to be exact! (so basically you only need 25UK Pounds to actually create a masterpiece lol!)

The collage contains a variety of shaded penny coins which when viewed from a distance form a portrait. Each coin varies in age from the very first penny coins introduced in 1971 right upto brand new penny coins which have never been used before.

Now this, i found very exciting! This replica of Tower Bridge was built from 264,345 ordinary matchsticks!!! 'nough needs to be said. LOL!

But if you're not interested in huge fine detailed wooden statues carved out from One huge piece of wood or ancient accessories and letters there is one other section in this museum that contains more, freaky and scary shit. When i said scary, it actually scared the shit out of me. Not going to spoil it, but i literally dashed off to the other end of the room in shock. I think my friend kind of regrets not recording it. haha

Another fun thing was the Mirror Maze! They had this in London Dungeon? Or was it Madame Tussauds? hmm.. anyway. Spent around 20 minutes stuck in this maze, i think i was going round and round in circles. Try doing this maze running! - Lots of bruises on your head. LOL! Yup, fun stuff!


  1. Really something I must explore in Ripley's Believe it or not museum, never been into one. The freaky stuff got me interested instantly!

  2. Hey! Thanks for sharing! I've been to the New York one two or three years ago and do not recall a section containing "freaky and scary shit." Definitely something I would want to check out, but I've never been to London so there's definitely lots I would want to see. Hope you're enjoying yourself! =D

  3. was meant to go in easter when i went to london but didnt get the chance to. went to london again on sunday just gone for a day but only for shopping! defo check it out next time!!

  4. Fish 'n' Chips and Bangers 'n' Mash, perfect, and of course the traditional London or Chalk Farm/Camden Town Kebab (that you didn't mention here) I know that you had one there one night) that's the ultimate taste of London.